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What To Do With A Man In Bondage?

I love a man in bondage.

What do you do with a man in bondage?

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The answer is extremely simple: whatever I want. I love restraining a man to my bed–especially a man who foolishly thought he was going to get some action that night–and teaching . . . → Read More: What To Do With A Man In Bondage?

Masturbation Games for Halloween

Let’s play Halloween masturbation games!

There’s still time for Pass the Pumpkin!

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If you haven’t already heard at the The Daily Cock, the devilish Mistresses of LDW are inviting you to a┬áPass The Pumpkin Halloweenie Celebration until October 29th! So there’s still time to . . . → Read More: Masturbation Games for Halloween

The Joy of Saying “No”

Denial is the name of the game…

As a Cock Controller, I’m not in the business of permitting to strokers to cum whenever they’d like. If it was up to my chronic masturbators, they’d have orgasms every single time we spoke! That’s why my pets need a strict Masturbatrix like me to teach them . . . → Read More: The Joy of Saying “No”

Put Your Cock in the Control of Your Demanding Masturbatrix

Controlling your cock through skillful tease and denial…

Controlling your cock is just one of the many aspects of being your erotic phone Mistress that I savor most. As a Mistress specializing in tease and denial, I love using my artistry in cock control to leave you pulsing and begging for that orgasm you’ve . . . → Read More: Put Your Cock in the Control of Your Demanding Masturbatrix