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Pindicks and Pantyboys: A Match Made in Humiliation Heaven

Listen up, pindicks…

Pindicks and pantyboys: the ultimate kink playmates…

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Now, I know that every pantyboy isn’t a pindick, and every pindick isn’t a pantyboy. However, I think every pindick should be a pantyboy. After all, men’s underwear is reserved for men, and a significant criterion of being . . . → Read More: Pindicks and Pantyboys: A Match Made in Humiliation Heaven

Small Penis Exhibitionism

You subject yourself to small penis humiliation.

Among the woefully under-endowed, I’ve noticed a perplexing trend. It seems that the smaller and less appealing your dick is, the more you want to show it off. To be honest, it is somewhat counterintuitive to me; if I had a teenie weenie, I would never want . . . → Read More: Small Penis Exhibitionism

Small Dicks Should Come With a Warning Label

The greatest disappointment…

For a woman, there are few things more disappointing than meeting an attractive, charming man and finding out that his pants, for all intents and purposes, are empty. Women frequently lament over the misfortune of inviting a man back to their place only to find out that he’s packing 5 inches . . . → Read More: Small Dicks Should Come With a Warning Label

Hollow Strap-on Humiliation

A different kind of strap on humiliation…

In most femdom scenarios, the strap on belongs inside of the naughty subbie who needs a good pounding. I often tell my pets, “I don’t get fucked. I do the fucking.” As with every rule, there is always an exception. In this case, that exception is the hollow strap . . . → Read More: Hollow Strap-on Humiliation

Small Cocks, Big Laughs

Go big, or go home…

It’s no secret that women love thick, long cocks. Unfortunately, for the woefully under-endowed pindicks out there, that means lots of lonely nights spent masturbating. If you have a cock any small than 6″ (or 8″, for my personal liking), I’m sure you’ve been sent home after revealing your . . . → Read More: Small Cocks, Big Laughs