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Naughty, Nice, Who Cares…You Still Get a Spanking!

It’s time for your spanking!

I love giving an over-the-knee spanking!

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While Santa might waste time sorting boys and girls into those who’ve been “naughty” and “nice,” I say to hell with it! You’ve all been naughty, and you’re all going over my knee for . . . → Read More: Naughty, Nice, Who Cares…You Still Get a Spanking!

Masturbation Games for Halloween

Let’s play Halloween masturbation games!

There’s still time for Pass the Pumpkin!

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If you haven’t already heard at the The Daily Cock, the devilish Mistresses of LDW are inviting you to a Pass The Pumpkin Halloweenie Celebration until October 29th! So there’s still time to . . . → Read More: Masturbation Games for Halloween

The Psychology of Masochism

How do you express your masochism?

What is masochism, and why does it hurt so good?

Masochism is generally defined as the receiving of pleasure from acts involving physical pain or psychological humiliation. Simply put, masochism makes the bad feel delectably good. While historical approaches to masochism have been stigmatic, modern psychology has . . . → Read More: The Psychology of Masochism

OTK Spanking: A Much Loved Classic

It’s time for your OTK spanking.

An OTK spanking is simple, yet sadistic.

As much as I love an elaborate, dungeon-style spanking set up, OTK (over-the-knee) spanking remains a well-loved favorite of mine. No fancy implements, no cumbersome contraptions…just your bare bottom over my stockinged lap. It has a fantastic flexibility to it: . . . → Read More: OTK Spanking: A Much Loved Classic

Stroking Addict Caught at Work

There’s a position in my office for a stroking addict like you.

A stroking addict caught sticky-handed…

I noticed that your performance metrics weren’t as high as your cohorts, so I had a colleague check into your Internet browsing history. Of course, in the fog of your horniness, you must have forgotten that . . . → Read More: Stroking Addict Caught at Work