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Masturbation Games for Halloween

Let’s play Halloween masturbation games!

There’s still time for Pass the Pumpkin!

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If you haven’t already heard at the The Daily Cock, the devilish Mistresses of LDW are inviting you to a Pass The Pumpkin Halloweenie Celebration until October 29th! So there’s still time to . . . → Read More: Masturbation Games for Halloween

French Maid Feminization

Begin your French maid training.

Every Mistress needs a French maid.

The concept of French maid feminization is ubiquitous, and for good reason! Reducing a man to little more than a service slut in a pinafore isn’t just useful, it’s also demeaning, humiliating, and deliciously fun for any Mistress who loves emasculating men for . . . → Read More: French Maid Feminization

A Sissy Lingerie Guide: Retro/Pin Up Look

Begin your pin up-inspired sissy lingerie wardrobe!

Is your sissy lingerie style classic and retro-inspired?

Every sissy has her own style. As a Mistress, I favor classy lingerie evocative of 1950s designs. If you find yourself drawn to the classic pin up look of cheesecake photography, Vargas girls, and Gil Elvgren illustrations, this . . . → Read More: A Sissy Lingerie Guide: Retro/Pin Up Look

Feminization Studies: Hiding Your Bulge

I expect full feminization, so hide that cock!

Your cock has no place in our feminization training.

The word feminization evokes all kinds of images, from frilly panties to flouncy petticoats. What is DOESN’T include is your cock. I’m a strict coerced feminization Mistress, and I don’t accept half measures. If you’re going to be . . . → Read More: Feminization Studies: Hiding Your Bulge

Cross Dressing Foundations

Cross dressing foundation garments

For cross dressers who want to replicate the feminine figure, foundation garments are a must. Also known as shapewear or shaping underwear, foundation garments are undergarments that temporarily alter the shape of your body to acheive your desired figure. Shapewear flattens and smooths your figure, and it gives you control . . . → Read More: Cross Dressing Foundations