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Cuckold in the Closet

How’s the view from my closet, cuckold?

Putting a cuckold in his place…

I love a cuckold in the closet. Now, let me clarify: I’m not talking about wanna-be cuckolds who haven’t yet revealed their cuckie interests. I mean—quite literally—cuckolds in my closet. As far as my jealous cuckolds are concerned, they’d prefer . . . → Read More: Cuckold in the Closet

Cuckold Humiliation is a Psychological Mindfuck

Cuckold humiliation is a painful mindfuck.

Your inadequacies fuel your cuckold humiliation.

Cuckold humiliation takes all of those vexing thoughts in the back of your head, and it brings them to the forefront of your mind as full-blown obsessions. You know you have a small penis, but the more you think about your wife getting . . . → Read More: Cuckold Humiliation is a Psychological Mindfuck

Cuckolds Do Laundry By Hand

Everyone has their job.

Female-led cuckold relationships invert traditional gender expectations and place men in the submissive role of domestic servitude. As a cuckold slave, you no longer have access to the sexual privileges of modern manhood. In lieu of sex, respect, or even release, you have a life of humiliation, obedience, and service. . . . → Read More: Cuckolds Do Laundry By Hand

I Adore My Fluffers and Clean Up Boys

Everyone has their place.

As social beings, humans stratify themselves into classes to signify value and status. In my opinion, nowhere is this more evident than in the male hierarchical order where studs rule the roost and cuckold bitches gratefully accept their leftovers. When you’re a low-value male, you can’t expect to fuck gorgeous women. . . . → Read More: I Adore My Fluffers and Clean Up Boys

Why Are You A Cuckold?

Two sides of cuckoldry…

In its simplest incarnation, a cuckold fetish refers to a man’s sexual interest in watching his wife have sex or sexual relations with another man. In general, cuckolds can be split into two groups: those who do it for humiliation and those who don’t. While the world of femdom media . . . → Read More: Why Are You A Cuckold?