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CBT: Methods of Torment

How much CBT can you endure?

CBT brings men to their knees.

As an unabashed sadist, CBT is one of my favorite kinks. I love watching men turn into whimpering, crying pain sluts as their sensitive bits get abused by their cruel Mistress. A CBT session can range from mild to extreme, and . . . → Read More: CBT: Methods of Torment

Learn Your Knots: Cock and Ball Rope Tying

To knot or not…

If you’re the type of subbie who enjoys some masochistic ball busting, then incorporating some rope work into your masturbation routine could add an extra bit of spice (and pain, of course)! If you’ve had the privilege of experiencing my more sadistic side, you know I love incorporating elements of . . . → Read More: Learn Your Knots: Cock and Ball Rope Tying