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Sissy Pageant 2017!

Sissy Pageant!

Sissy Pageant!

How To Enter the Sissy Pageant

Get gussied up in your absolute best! Dress to the nines in your signature sissy style and post your picture in the Enchantrix Empire Sissy Pageant group. There will be three groups for you to choose to submit your picture to: Classiest Sissy, Sluttiest Sissy, and Cutest Sissy. Please post only in the category you wish to be judged in! And good luck, ladies!

Golden Rules of the Sissy Pageant

The rules and few and simple. First, only one entry per entry. And finally, please submit pictures that are fully clothes with no naughty bits on display! Sorry, exhibitionists!

Sissy Prizes

Here’s where it gets good, sissies! In addition to bragging rights, each winner of each category will win a sexy gift basket filled with things sent personally by the Mistresses. Will you get stockings? Panties? Hand written notes and affirmations? Sex toys? You’ll have to win to find out!

Good luck to all you sissies!

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