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New Year, New Schedule

The nights just got better.

The nights just got better.

Your Phone Mistress is taking to the nights!

With the new year approaching, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit! Effective after the New Year, I will be starting a new overnight schedule. The nights will be a little naughtier with me around from now.

My new schedule is listed below:

Wednesday: 3AM – 11AM Eastern
Thursday: 3AM – 11AM Eastern
Friday: 3AM – 11AM Eastern
Saturday: 3AM – 11AM Eastern
Sunday: 3AM – 11AM Eastern
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off

What if you still want to speak with me, but it’s past your bedtime?

I know my new hours are quite a departure from my previous schedule, so if you would still like to speak with me outside of my regularly scheduled hours, please remember: I accept appointments. Generally, I request 24 notice before your session, but if your session is only a few hours before/after my regularly scheduled hours, I can typically accommodate your appointment request with less notice. I absolutely revel in teasing and speaking with all of you, so I will do my best to accommodate all requests of at least 30 minutes.

Here’s to a twisted, sadistic, sensual, and nonstop sexy 2017!

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