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Masturbation May: Stocking Masturbation Assignment

It’s Masturbation May!

If you’ve been a diligent stroker, you’ve been following the festivities around the LDW fempire surrounding Masturbation May. May is National Masturbation Month, and what better way to celebrate it than with LDW’s sexy, sensual, and sometimes strict Cock Controllers? I’m sure you’ll be doing your part by wacking it until your cock is raw, but don’t forget to enter our contests: the Enchantrix Empire Masturbation Writing Contest and the Masturbator of the Month Contest. Get all of your details at the above link, and good luck, strokers!

No Socks Day!

No Socks Day!

Today, specifically, is No Socks Day.

May 8, 2016 is No Socks Day. Every now and again, there’s a cute little holiday I can get behind. As a foot fetish Mistress, No Socks Day is one of them. As much as I love wearing my black sheer fully-fashioned nylons, I also enjoy taking them off and giving my bare feet and perfectly pedicured toes a dose of fresh air. Now, the hamper is an awful waste for a pair of worn stockings, so for this masturbation activity you will need one stocking to pretend that I’ve very generously let you celebrate Masturbation Month while I celebrate No Socks Day.

Stroke with my stockings.

Stroke with my stockings.

Stroking with nylons is the smoothest touch.

Imagine that the stocking in your hand is mine, so take in the scent. Now, place your hand inside the stocking, and use it like a glove to stroke your hard, pulsing cock as your ordinarily would. The texture of the nylon will provide a whole new sensation, and frankly, I love the site of a man using my worn stocking to stroke his cock. And since these have already been worn all day long, you’re allowed to cum to make them dirtier!

When you’re done with my stocking, the fun isn’t over. Ms Simone of will have a sexy masturbation post for you tomorrow.

Happy Masturbation May foot slaves and strokers alike!

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