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Pindicks and Pantyboys: A Match Made in Humiliation Heaven

Listen up, pindicks...

Listen up, pindicks…

Pindicks and pantyboys: the ultimate kink playmates…

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Now, I know that every pantyboy isn’t a pindick, and every pindick isn’t a pantyboy. However, I think every pindick¬†should¬†be a pantyboy. After all, men’s underwear is reserved for men, and a significant criterion of being a man is having a cock. It almost seems like an insult to the garment to wear it over a 4″ nubbin’ better suited for the silk and satin of a pair of women’s panties.

Pindicks deserve all the humiliation they can get.

And that includes having your dresser stripped of every single pair of boxers and briefs and replaced with thongs, cheekies, bikinis, and more. If you don’t have the equipment to be a man, why are you dressing like one? Let the real men have their underwear, and you can join the ranks of women, cross dressers, and sissies at Victoria’s Secret. You might be balking at the idea now, but let me remind you that when it comes to the social hierarchy, little dick losers don’t have a lot room for negotiation…

So slip on your panties, pindicks.

5 comments to Pindicks and Pantyboys: A Match Made in Humiliation Heaven

  • Ms. Marlena, I agree 100%! I hope these nubbins take notice. If you are David Beckham, by all means wear those sexy tightie whities. But for the wee ones, put them in panties all the way. You are right, they have no right to wear manly underwear. It’s just not fitting! Great post!

  • Petey cream puff

    I agree. The only way I can get hard is if mistresses put me in panties and a bra. I’ve found out that women are really in charge and control of guys. I am bulking at the idea of joining women/sissies & crossdressers at Victoria’s Secret but that’s what I am as Ms Cindy has me doing this after she caught me in her bra/panty set and exposed me to all the mistresses.

  • Mike

    I once had a friend (female) coerce me to try on a pair (with a half slip). I could not ask but have always wondered if my small sized endowment was part of what made her think of it. I knew she dated lots of guys and I suspected (did not know for sure but suspected) she did not or would not ask those guys to try on a pair. I always wondered if my smallness was what prompted her but did not want to ask (I did not want her to know that I even thought of it).

  • It’s true enough that not all panty boys are pindicks, why not take advantage of what nature gave you (or didn’t give you) and try on those panties? Surely the silver lining of your situation is that you’re able to fit into panties that your better endowed brothers aren’t able to? And Ms Meredith is right – tighty whities are sexy as hell, but only if you’ve got something to fill them with!

  • I agree so much Ms. Marlena!!! If a guy (I won’t say man) has a teeny weeny, why not wear panties, if nothing else, than as a warning of the little package hidden beneath, lol…

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