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French Maid Feminization

Begin your French maid training.

Every Mistress needs a French maid.

The concept of French maid feminization is ubiquitous, and for good reason! Reducing a man to little more than a service slut in a pinafore isn’t just useful, it’s also demeaning, humiliating, and deliciously fun for any Mistress who loves emasculating men for . . . → Read More: French Maid Feminization

The Psychology of Masochism

How do you express your masochism?

What is masochism, and why does it hurt so good?

Masochism is generally defined as the receiving of pleasure from acts involving physical pain or psychological humiliation. Simply put, masochism makes the bad feel delectably good. While historical approaches to masochism have been stigmatic, modern psychology has . . . → Read More: The Psychology of Masochism

Bid to Win My Sexy Stockings!

Stockings straight from a Mistress’s wardrobe!

It’s here! LDW’s first stocking auction!

Sissies, leg lovers, and stocking sniffers…it’s time! This is LDW’s first auction, so help make it a success! If you win, you’ll find yourself in possession of a pair of delectably worn sheer black seamed stockings from my personal collection.

Place your . . . → Read More: Bid to Win My Sexy Stockings!

LDW’s First Stocking Auction

What will you do with my stockings?

Do you want to own your Mistress’s stockings?

How many of you have fantasized about sniffing, feeling, or owning the silky stockings of the Stocking Mistress herself? From leg fetishists who admire stockings to sissies who wish to emulate their Mistress, I’ve been begged to share . . . → Read More: LDW’s First Stocking Auction

Your Phone Mistress’s Schedule Changes

Your phone Mistress has new hours!

Your phone Mistress is changing it up for the summer!

Effective tomorrow, June 8th, I will be changing my schedule to include some earlier hours. You will now be able to find me Monday-Friday from 3PM – 1AM Eastern. I will be off on Saturday and Sunday, . . . → Read More: Your Phone Mistress’s Schedule Changes