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Creative Cum Eating Challenge

What’s your most creative cum eating technique?

Cum eating comes in many flavors.

Cum is a dish that can be served up in many ways. You can lap it up straight from your palm, or you can spray it into your mouth in a self-facial. You can slurp it out of a condom, . . . → Read More: Creative Cum Eating Challenge

Humiliation in the Office: The Secretary’s Revenge

A boss like you deserves humiliation.

You’ve deserved humiliation for a long time.

Every office has one of you: a quasi-chauvinist always leering at the female employees with lust-filled eyes and a smarmy little grin. In this case, you’re the boss, and there’s little we can do about it. For years, the secretaries, . . . → Read More: Humiliation in the Office: The Secretary’s Revenge

Cuckold in the Closet

How’s the view from my closet, cuckold?

Putting a cuckold in his place…

I love a cuckold in the closet. Now, let me clarify: I’m not talking about wanna-be cuckolds who haven’t yet revealed their cuckie interests. I mean—quite literally—cuckolds in my closet. As far as my jealous cuckolds are concerned, they’d prefer . . . → Read More: Cuckold in the Closet

Chronic Masturbator Punished By His Teacher

Were you fantasizing about your teacher undressing, you chronic masturbator?

I don’t permit chronic masturbators in my classroom.

Your lack of self-restraint astounds me. You can’t even control yourself for a few hours, can you? I hate having my lectures interrupted by the telltale shuffling of a horny stroking addict under his desk. I’ve . . . → Read More: Chronic Masturbator Punished By His Teacher

Feminization Studies: Hiding Your Bulge

I expect full feminization, so hide that cock!

Your cock has no place in our feminization training.

The word feminization evokes all kinds of images, from frilly panties to flouncy petticoats. What is DOESN’T include is your cock. I’m a strict coerced feminization Mistress, and I don’t accept half measures. If you’re going to be . . . → Read More: Feminization Studies: Hiding Your Bulge