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My Feet, Your Face, NOW

I love resting my feet on something comfortable…

And your face is prime real estate. As an avid leg tease and stocking connoisseur, I enjoy an intensive foot worshiping session. I’ve grown accustomed to my delectable feet being the objects of zealous adoration, and I love the process of training new foot lovers. If . . . → Read More: My Feet, Your Face, NOW

Self-Facials and Coached Cum Eating

You want to cum? There’s a catch.

If there’s one thing I can count on, it’s the enduring greediness of my horny hand humpers. I heard “Mistress, may I cum?” ad infinitum.  Every day, it’s a flurry of frenetic begging and embittered pouting when I say “No, you may not.” Admittedly, I am not . . . → Read More: Self-Facials and Coached Cum Eating

On Your Knees for Oral Servitude

No more talking. Your mouth has better uses.

Sometimes, I simply tell a man, “Shut up, and get on your knees!” It’s a succinct directive, and it’s one I dole out often. Pussy worship is one of my favorite pleasures, and I require it often. There’s no better place for a slave than . . . → Read More: On Your Knees for Oral Servitude

Masturbation Games of Chance

You’re always hoping to get lucky…

And today, you might finally have your chance to cum. It’s not often that a merciless cock tease like myself allows my horny strokers to cum, so enjoy my fleeting generosity while it lasts! I recently posted here about using a Magic 8 Ball to determine the outcome . . . → Read More: Masturbation Games of Chance

You Should Be A Full-Time Panty Boy

I know you love panties…

There’s something irresistible about women’s underwear, isn’t there? As much as you try to stay away, you find yourself drawn to all that is satin, lace, and feminine. And rightly so! Women’s underwear is a tactile adventure in all things silky, smooth, and supple. Why would anyone wear . . . → Read More: You Should Be A Full-Time Panty Boy