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Female Led Relationships: The What, How, And Why

What is a female led relationship?

Female-led relationships (FLR) are models of relationships in which the woman is the ultimate authority and leader of the relationship. Such relationships are sometimes also called female-led marriages (FLM) and wife-led marriages (WLM). Whether the couple is married or simple dating, one thing remains true: the woman is irrefutably supreme, and the man is devotedly submissive. A proper female led relationship relies on a couple’s shared agreement and interest in female supremacy.

What happens in a female-led relationship?

FLR’s are as different as the couples in them, but in general, a man’s basic duties and responsibilities can be wrapped up into two words: service and submissive. Obsequious service is fundamental to your role as the male in a female-led relationship; you are often given lists of chores and barred from leisure or recreation until they are finished. Meanwhile, your beautiful wife is enjoying all of the advantages of female supremacy. Your dutiful submission can be tested in all kinds of ways, from cuckold sexual arrangements to extended tease and denial. When it comes to sex, like everything else, the woman’s word is supreme.

Female led relationship role plays are very fun!

If you don’t want to live the lifestyle (or you simply haven’t found someone to do it with!), a female-led relationship role play might scratch that itch. Imagine coming home and finding your wife seated on the couch; her stern expression suggests it’s serious, and then you hear those stomach-knotting words: “We need to talk about the state of our relationship.” You aren’t sure what to expect, but as she recites your new rules and expectations, you know one thing is clear…your life will never be the same.


8 comments to Female Led Relationships: The What, How, And Why

  • d

    I went into the website and enjoyed it very much.

  • jim

    It is embarrassing to admit (or at first know) that you want or need and feel more comfortable in a female led situation. I had an experience once, kind of ‘simple’ – where a girlfriend and I were together with her friend and the two of them were discussing which movie to see – she sort of snappily turned to me and said “you don’t really have an opinion….do you” (she said it like a statement not a question). It was brusque and embarrassing (as it was in front of her friend) but in truth I have found I need to be in that back seat with females. Being emotionally slapped around sort of stings but feels “right” at the same time.

    • Enchantrix Marlena

      Thank you for sharing, jim!

      Your experience is a perfect little snapshot of a female-led relationship. Your girlfriend made it very clear that you need to take a back seat to women.

  • 3D

    Every relationship should be like this. I had trouble accepting my submissive nature with women but one showed me how enjoyable it could be. She loved dominating me sexually & taught me the “ins and outs” of what a submissive role was & how to accept my true nature. Since then it’s been fantastic.

    • Enchantrix Marlena

      I agree with you completely, 3D. Every relationship could benefit from a woman’s dominance and leadership. I love helping submissive men uncover and cultivate their true natures.

  • marlena's slut

    it really makes me feel on top of the earth when i listen to females when they actually say it in a manner that questions your supremacy and in turn humiliates you…

  • […] What is a Female Led Relationship? Well, it’s the inverse of the traditional patriarchal relationship style. Usually, in a hetero relationship, the man is “in charge”. He’s the head of the household, he usually holds the higher paying job, with more outside the house responsibilities. He does the yard work and grills on the weekends, he never goes into the kitchen or cleans the bathrooms. The couple will live nearer to his work than hers, if she has an outside the house job at all, and if he decides to change careers or go after a promotion that requires relocation, of course she’ll drop her job and go where he leads. Now, imagine all those pronouns reversed. […]

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