Small Penis Exhibitionism

You subject yourself to small penis humiliation.

Among the woefully under-endowed, I’ve noticed a perplexing trend. It seems that the smaller and less appealing your dick is, the more you want to show it off. To be honest, it is somewhat counterintuitive to me; if I had a teenie weenie, I would never want anyone to see my small source of big shame. And yet…in my experience, it’s the tiniest of dicks that want to be seen the most! My inbox is often full of mini-men who volunteer their prick portraits, and I laugh as they subject themselves to such torment. Don’t complain when your ego shatters; you asked for it, so I’m going to give it to you.

Everyone should know you have a small penis.

In theory, you could keep your teeny package a secret, but I suspect that’s not nearly as much fun. When a woman sees your manclit, she sees you for you truly are: a little dick loser. While that may be humiliating, it can also be cathartic. After all, life is more fun when you can be honest with yourself and the world.

Put your pindick on display.

Despite my displeasure, you insist on showing off your dick. No matter how many times I grimace, laugh, or say “Ewww!” you can’t resist showing off your puny penis. You love the deep humiliation of showing off your micro-cock on cam, and I’m always up for a laugh at your expense. Seeing your pathetic excuse for a cock brings me no pleasure, so I have to amuse myself by laughing at your shriveled sausage.

Ready to show off your pindick? Let’s see it.

Coerced Strap On Humiliation for an Audience

You weren’t expecting a strap on tonight.

In fact,  you were probably expecting to get lucky. After all, I invited you over late at night. In your mind, it was as good as done! As usual, the wishful thinking of your pulsing cock overestimated your luck. As you neared my front door, you could tell something wasn’t right. The lights were on, and you could hear voices happily giggling inside. When you opened the door, your worst suspicions were confirmed.

Humiliation in front of all the women you know…

As I locked the door behind you, your heart skipped a beat. Looking around, you recognized familiar faces: our mutual friends, your pretty female coworkers, and yes, even the cute barista from the coffee shop you frequent. You noticed the thick strap ons displayed on the table, and you realized that someone is getting fucked tonight, but not in the way you expected.

It was a coerced strap on gang bang.

With no way to escape, you hopelessly watched as the woman donned their strap on harnesses in preparation for a brutal ass fucking humiliation session. As the macho fantasies of fucking me from behind quickly dissipated from your mind, they were replaced with the gut-wrenching realization that you’re our bitch tonight. Up first: the young secretary from work who’s ready to vengefully  pound your pussy for every time you stared down her blouse. It’s going to be a long night, and everyone is going to watch!

Can you endure a public humiliation ass pounding? Let’s see.

New Stockings To Tease Foot Fetishists

My stockings control your foot fetish.

Every Mistress has her bailiwick, and mine is all about my feet and legs. I am an expert leg tease with a bag of tricks more varied than my stocking collection! Hosiery is my domain, and I employ it to my advantage. The allure of a pair of sexy fully-fashioned stockings is undeniable, and I can spot a foot or leg fetishist from a mile away. You might think you’re being discreet, but every leg lover has a tell.

Become my human furniture to feel my stockings.

The holidays were especially good to my legs, and I have all kinds of new stockings and hose to wear–from sexy black fishnets to classic nude Cuban heels. Each new pair must be thoroughly vetted, and the true test of a pair of stockings is their ability to withstand a merciless leg tease. I love turning a leg lover into my human furniture door mat and running the silky, smooth soles of my stockinged feet all over his body. My stockinged legs will reduce you to little more than a foot stool, and you’ll be thankful for it.

Give in to your leg fetish.

Fighting your leg fetish urges is as ineffectual as it is unsatisfying. Some men belong underneath the feet of their Mistress, and if this post elicited a few cock throbs, you might be one of them. Serve my stockinged feet well, and you might be rewarded with a deliciously teasing foot job…but be careful, foot sluts. Serve my legs poorly, and you’ll find that they’re capable of unsparing pain. ;)

How will you earn the privilege of feeling my new stockings?


Kinky 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Now is the time for New Years Resolutions.

This is the time for examining your life and deciding how you’d like to improve it. Bettering yourself is a worthwhile time investment, and kink is no exception. I’ve always believed that sexual fulfillment is integral to a satisfying life, and I frequently encourage my callers and submissives to work toward their sexual goals. When it comes to all things kink, I want 2015 to be your year of exploration, achievement, and realization.

Reflect on what you want to achieve.

Think carefully about what you want from your sex life. Do you want to communicate more openly with your partner? Do you want the courage to discuss your lifestyle with friends? Do you want to act out a fantasy you’ve imagined for years? Choose a feasible desire, and resolve to make it happen. If you’ve always fantasized about wearing panties, let this year mark your first trip into Victoria’s Secret. Everyone has a list of unrealized fantasies, so use 2015 to make yours just a little bit shorter.

Choose a Mistress to hold you accountable.

Diving into uncharted waters can be nerve-racking, so I can help you. Through phone calls, instant messaging, emails, and personal assignments, I can help you achieve your goals. Staying on track can be tricky, but the guidance of a strict Mistress can be a powerful incentive. If you’re planning a bout of chastity, I can design a denial program to help you break your personal records. If you’re a sissy-in-training, I’ll help you masters the basics of femininity and girlishness. I want to make it happen, so let me know how I can help.

Good luck on your resolutions, kinksters!

Why You Should Be A Cocksucker

1. You fantasize about cocksucking.

Underneath that carefully crafted veneer of respectability, you fantasize about acting like an insatiably nasty cockslut. You might pretend to be the paragon of masculinity, but behind that trite facade is a hungry cocksucker aching to get on his knees. The thought is already in your head, so why not make it a reality?

2. Cocksucking is a way to experiment with the taboo.

Part of the appeal of cocksucking is its forbidden nature. For your entire life, you’ve been fed platitudes about masculinity, heterosexuality, and same-sex behavior. No one would expect a well-to-do, seemingly straight guy to suck cocks, and that excites you. Cocksucking can be your dirty secret–your escape from social expectations.

3. Cocksucking demonstrates your submission.

Sucking another man’s cock is a clear display of your submissiveness. When you’re on your knees for a cock worship session, you’re affirming your place. If you live to serve, then serving a cock is the obvious step.

4. Your cocksucking pleases your Mistress.

I love coerced bi scenarios. Coerced cocksucking is a way to please and amuse me, so open wide. I love enjoy a front row seat to a sloppy, slutty blowjob, so sucking a cock is your ticket into my good graces.

5. All men have their place.

The male hierarchy doesn’t have room for everyone at the top. While most men have delusional dreams of being an alpha male, only a few can achieve that status. The remainder have to sort themselves accordingly, and those at the bottom should dutifully serve those at the top. Simply put: some men get their cocks sucked, and others do the sucking. Which one are you?

Have you thought about becoming a cocksucker? Tell me.