Sissy Fag Cheerleader

What's your cheer, sissy fag?

What’s your cheer, sissy fag?

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Every sissy fag needs a mantra.

Sissy fags are not a bashful, timid bunch; in my experience, they love sharing their girly inclinations with anyone who will listen. I’ve always believed in the power of mantras and self-affirmations to remind us of who we are and what’s important. Some of you might already have one, but if you don’t, it’s time to craft a sissy fag mantra that lets the world know exactly what you are.

Become a sissy fag cheerleader.

To make it extra sissified, turn your mantra into a cheer. If you’re a sissy, you probably already have a special predilection toward short skirts, tight tops, and ribboned ponytails, so playing the role of a peppy cheerleader should be no departure from your norm. The next time you call your phone Mistress, start the call with a spirited proclamation of your sissy fag ways. I’d love to laugh hysterically as you begin the call with:

“Give me a D! Give me an I!
Give me a C! Give me a K!
What does that spell? DICK.
I only want it when it’s thick!”

Show me your sissy fag cheer.

I love good entertainment, and the only thing that makes a grown man in a cheerleading uniform more amusing is the accompanying cheer. So, ready your pom-poms and show me your sissy fag pride. If you love cum, yell it loudly. If you suck cock, let the crowd know. I want to hear all about what a cock-craving sissy fag you are.

S-I-S-S-Y, what does that spell? You.

Coerced Feminization on Vacation

Fun in the sun...coerced feminization style.

Fun in the sun…coerced feminization style.

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A luggage mishap leads to coerced feminization…

You should have known better than to ask me to pack your luggage for our vacation. In a female-led relationship, orders flow in only one direction, and that’s certainly not from you to me. However, I packed your suitcase for our seaside trip anyway. Once we arrived at the hotel and got ready to change for a dip in the pool, you quickly realized that good deeds don’t come without without their price.

Coerced feminization creates a whole new you.

When you opened your suitcase, your expression vacillated between shock and confusion. You were expecting to see swim trunks, men’s shorts, and t-shirts, but instead the suitcase exploded with pink bikini tops, leopard print swimsuit bottoms, and floral sundresses in every color. You’ve never cross dressed before, and you vowed that you wouldn’t do it now.

You have no choice when it comes to coerced feminization.

Of course, when you reached into your wallet, you quickly noticed that I was in possession of all the cash, credit, and debit cards. Without any way to buy boy clothes, you were stuck wearing what I packed. “With a few minor adjustments, we can make this work,” I said with a smirk. A full body wax, a tight tuck, lots of make up, and a wig later…you were a whole new woman. Feminization complete. “It’s much more fun this way,” I reminded you. A girls’ trip is exactly what I wanted, so I turned you into the girl I needed.

Did you enjoy your fun in the sun, girly?

Foot Slave Turned Sex Slave

My legs can turn anyone into a sex slave.

My legs can turn anyone into a sex slave.

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He started as a foot slave.

For two years now, I’ve enjoyed the loyal worship of a keen foot and leg fetishist. I drew him in with my stockings, but I properly enslaved him with my mind. Since then, he’s been eagerly massaging, licking, and sucking his way into my good graces. I’ve always believed that body worship isn’t unlike the business world; you start at the bottom, and you work your way to the top.  My obedient foot slave adeptly worked his way up the ranks of my legs, and I decided that that it was time for a promotion.

My foot slave graduated to my sex slave.

Not all foot worshipers get granted such a privilege. Some men’s access is restricted to what’s below the ankle, but for a lucky few, passing the test of my legs gains access to what’s between them. My attentive foot slave has been meticulously training as my sex slave—a position coveted by all of my leg lovers and footboys. Before he was even allowed a lick of my delectable pussy, he had to pass muster by sniffing panties, licking pantyhose, and enduring all manners of teasing and torment.

What’s next for my sex slave?

Practice makes perfect, so my sex slave will continue his oral servitude training. As a foot slave, he was frequently objectified as my foot stool. Now, as a sex slave, he will be frequently objectified as my throne. He can anticipate hours of pussy worship as I use his face as my personal chair. What I know for certain is that there will be no end to his service. After all, it wouldn’t be slavery if it was optional.

Do you think you can be my sex slave? Start with my feet.

Coerced Bi Double Date

It's not a double date without coerced bi!

It’s not a double date without coerced bi!

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You never expected coerced bi.

You thought last night was going to be a fun, pleasant evening: a double date between two couples. At first, it certainly was. Your girlfriend and you and my date and I enjoyed ourselves at a fantastic restaurant. However, everything changed when I suggested, “Let’s go back to my place for some drinks.” What should have been an innocuous nightcap turned into your first coerced bi cock sucking experience.

Coerced bi humiliation in front of your girlfriend…

It didn’t take long until the conversation turned sexual. You’ve always given off the impression of a closeted cocksucker, and your girlfriend confessed that she’s never seen two men together. So, I decided to facilitate a demonstration of your nascent faggot desires. “Suck my boyfriend’s cock,” I said. You thought I was kidding until you felt the force of my hand on the back of your head. Within moments, your face was inches away from my date’s growing buldge, and your girlfriend had a front row seat to the night’s coerced cocksucking entertainment.

Coerced bi isn’t so coerced anymore, is it?

Once that cock got in your mouth, you surprised us all.  You expertly sucked his dick like a well-trained cock slut. I’m sure we can credit the gay porn you’ve been consuming for that. After a little push, you didn’t need any persuasion at all; your inner cocksucker was out in full effect. Your girlfriend saw you for what you real are—an insatiable cock slut who can’t get enough dick. And now that you’re a bona fide faggot cocksucker, perhaps your girlfriend will need a real man to go on double dates with.

It was a fun date. We’ll have to do it again sometime.

Creative Cum Eating Challenge

What's your most creative cum eating technique?

What’s your most creative cum eating technique?

Cum eating comes in many flavors.

Cum is a dish that can be served up in many ways. You can lap it up straight from your palm, or you can spray it into your mouth in a self-facial. You can slurp it out of a condom, or you can lick it off a plate. As an ingredient, cum plays well with all kinds of fetishes in the veritable buffet of kink. Cum eating is an integral part of slave training, sissification, erotic humiliation, and many other femdom kinks. Food fetishists, sissies, cuckolds, and humiliation sluts all have uses for their cream, so eat up, cumsluts!

What’s your most creative cum eating experience?

Admittedly, I’m a glutton for dirty, perverted sexual confessions. So, I want to know: what is the strangest, most humiliating way you’ve ever eat your cum? As a cum eating coach, I like to think I’ve seen it all, so I’ll be particularly impressed if you can shock me. Have you played soggy biscuit? Have you gulped cum in a game of gokkun? Maybe you’ve made frozen cumsciles on those hot summer nights?

Your challenge: cum eating in a new way.

If you don’t have a juicy cum eating story, then I’ll remedy that. Give me a call or get on webcam, and I’ll give you a cum eating experience that will humiliate you for years to come. That is your challenge, boys; I want to see or hear your most creative cum eating technique. So come hungry, because you’re going to eat every last drop!

Accept your cum eating challenge.