A Sissy Lingerie Guide: Retro/Pin Up Look

Begin your pin up-inspired sissy lingerie wardrobe!

Begin your pin up-inspired sissy lingerie wardrobe!

Is your sissy lingerie style classic and retro-inspired?

Every sissy has her own style. As a Mistress, I favor classy lingerie evocative of 1950s designs. If you find yourself drawn to the classic pin up look of cheesecake photography, Vargas girls, and Gil Elvgren illustrations, this guide is for you. So ready your matte red lipstick and read on!

Here are the basic pieces for a retro-inspired sissy lingerie wardrobe:

Fully fashioned nylons: Introduced in the late 1930’s, fully fashioned nylons peaked in popularity in the 1950’s, so they’re the go-to stocking for all sissified pin up looks! FF stockings are characterized by a seam up the back, reinforced toe, and heel design such as a Cuban heel, French heel, or Manhattan heel. Your gams will be straight out of a Vaughan Alden Bass painting!

High waited garter belt: Garter belts are essential for keeping your stockings in place, but vintage-styled garter belts often serve a dual purpose. A properly fitted high waisted garter belt can cinch in your waist line and give you that va-va-voom shape characteristic of pin ups!

Open bottom girdle: Ever a classic, open bottom girdles can act as a substitute for a garter belt. As a bonus, they’re often made of tight, restrictive control fabric that smooths and shapes your figure to your desired feminized silhouette. Rago has been creating shapewear for over 50s, so their designs are as pin up as they come!

Bullet bra: Popularized in the 1950s by “sweater girl” pin ups, bullet bras feature a pointed, paraboloid shape that gives your chest that signature retro look. If you’re looking to buy a bullet bra, don’t forget the inserts that help it keep its shape!

Are you a sissy pin up? If so, tell me what you love to wear!

Your Phone Sex Mistress’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to your phone sex Mistress!

Happy Birthday to your phone sex Mistress!

Your phone sex Mistress is celebrating her birthday on the 31st.

My birthday is at the end of the month, but in true Mistress style, I’ve been celebrating all month. Girls’ nights out, shopping trips, and weekend getaways have kept me busy all month, and I’m looking forward to one last bang before the month is over, perhaps in more ways than one.

A thank you to everyone who’s celebrated with me so far!

First and foremost, a sincere thank you to everyone who has celebrated with me early this year! If you’ve been participating in my orgasm denial challenge since the 15th, I know you’re just as eager for my birthday as I am. Even though it’s my birthday, I’ve been reveling in all of the birthday spankings and pinches I’ve been doling out. And of course, I have thoroughly appreciated the gracious gifts many of you have generously sent my way! You’ll all be in my thoughts on my birthday, and somehow, I have the sneaking suspicious I’ll be in yours as well…

How will your phone sex Mistress be celebrating?

Well, for one, I’ll be unavailable all day on Sunday, May 31st. Of course, the $64,000 question is how will I be celebrating? If all goes right: naked and exhausted. It’s not a birthday without birthday sex, so rest assured, I’ll be properly celebrating. And if you really want to know how my birthday went, you’ll just have to call your phone sex Mistress on Monday to find out!

Thank you everyone for a very happy birthday weekend!

OTK Spanking: A Much Loved Classic

It's time for your OTK spanking.

It’s time for your OTK spanking.

An OTK spanking is simple, yet sadistic.

As much as I love an elaborate, dungeon-style spanking set up, OTK (over-the-knee) spanking remains a well-loved favorite of mine. No fancy implements, no cumbersome contraptions…just your bare bottom over my stockinged lap. It has a fantastic flexibility to it: it can be sensual and playful, or it can be downright cruel and sadistic. And, admittedly, there’s no greater feeling than a squirmy, writhing subbie in my lap anticipating the next blow.

OTK spanking humiliation will make your cheeks red.

And I’m talking about both sets! OTK spanking is a stellar play partner to many of my favorite role play scenarios, such as teacher/student, boss/employee, and doctor/patient. Imagine your humiliation as a naughty student called to the front of my class to receive your OTK spanking as punishment for your leering eye and wandering hands. Or perhaps, imagine the humiliation of a break room spanking in front of all of your female coworkers? Either way, your ass is mine, and it’s going to be mistreated.

OTK gives away what a pain slut you are.

In the case of an OTK spanking, your stiff cock belies your pleas for mercy. An OTK spanking positions you perfectly so that your dick rests right against my thighs, informing me of the pleasure you try to deny. So, you can keep begging for leniency, but keep in mind that your cock betrays you. I can feel you throb and pulse with every smack against your warm, red ass. So, abandon the pretense and beg for what you truly want: another spank.

Pants down, bottoms up. It’s time for your OTK spanking.


Masturbation May Mayhem

It’s Masturbation May, so lube up.

While many of you hand humpers furiously stroke all year long, you should know that May is National Masturbation Month. The LDW Fempire is full of treats for you strokers this month, so enjoy this round up of masturbation-related fun and festivities.

Here are just a few of our Masturbation May happenings:

Masturbation May Mistress Sampler: Through the month of may, you will have the opportunity to sample four Mistresses to speak to for 40 minutes, to be split up however you’d like. It’s your chance to be passed around from one Masturbatrix to another while getting to know some new favorites! See this post for full details.

LDW Tours: The lovely Ms. Cecilia will be offering tours of the Enchantrix Empire. It’s a fantastic opportunity for new callers and veterans alike. Join our chatroom at CommunityKink.com and explore the many femdom offerings of LDW. For a complete list of tour times, see Ms. Cecilia’s Post here.

Mistress of the Week: If you’ve been following The Daily Cock, you already know about the Mistress of the Week promotion. For those of you who don’t, it’s a chance to get to know a featured Mistress every week. By calling her and leaving a review, you can win a FREE 10 minute session to use at any time in the future. This promotion will go beyond just Masturbation May, but keep an eye on May’s Featured Mistresses!

Free phone sex on May 14th and 15th: What better way to celebrate National Masturbation Month than with two days of free phone sex with your favorite LDW Mistress? Learn more about it here, and mark your calendars!

Get ready for Masturbation May with your Mistress.

Free Phone Sex with Mistress Marlena

Free phone sex!

Free phone sex!

Yes, you heard that correctly. Free phone sex!

To christen the brand new mobile site for CockControl, we are offering you 10 free minutes of phone sex on May 14th and 15th! With our new mobile site, you can easily browse from wherever you are, much to the delight of your public humiliation sluts out there! What better way to celebrate than with free phone sex with your Mistress? We can talk sexy, or we can chitchat, but either way, it’s completely free!

How to get your free phone sex:

If you have never called our service before, all you will have to do is provide a credit card number for age verification. Your card will not be charged. If you have called us before, even if it was 10 years ago, then you won’t need to provide a card.  No tricks, no gimmicks, just 10 free minutes of stroking fun – and you can call for your 10 minute free call both days! Or, if you prefer longer calls, this promotion will serve as a $25 coupon off of the price of any regularly priced call.

Make your phone sex call the best.

Whether you want to speak with me or any of the lovely LDW Mistresses, your phone sex experience should be the best it can be. If you’re unfamiliar with the Mistresses, don’t forget about our pre-call questionaire at My Perfect Mistress. Fill it out with your preferences, and you’ll receive personalized recommendations from Ms. Molly or Ms. Cassidy.

Ready for free phone sex? See you May 14th and 15th!