My Feet, Your Face, NOW

Marlena13I love resting my feet on something comfortable…

And your face is prime real estate. As an avid leg tease and stocking connoisseur, I enjoy an intensive foot worshiping session. I’ve grown accustomed to my delectable feet being the objects of zealous adoration, and I love the process of training new foot lovers. If you expect to get anywhere, you’d be wise to begin at my feet.

You’re the foot rest under my desk.

I love reducing men to mere items of human furniture. When I’m at my desk busily blogging or chatting away, I love having my feet pampered and worshiped by an eager foot slut. In the quickly approaching winter months, I delight in using men as obedient foot warmers. There’s nothing like the friction of a teasing footjob to warm up my cold toes!

Use tongue. Often and quickly.

In the interest of being thorough, your foot worship should include lots of tongue. I love to feel slow, reverent licks against the high arch of my delicate foot, and I especially enjoy feeling the tip of your tongue darting in and out between my exquisitely painted toes.

Prepare to be there all day.

As a Mistress, I am no stranger to luxury and decadence. I can easily enjoy an all-day foot massage, and I frequently expect to do so. When you’re under my desk, you’re on foot duty, and that’s not a responsibility to take lightly.

Are you a proper foot boy? I’ll be judge of that.

Self-Facials and Coached Cum Eating

You want to cum? There’s a catch.

If there’s one thing I can count on, it’s the enduring greediness of my horny hand humpers. I heard “Mistress, may I cum?” ad infinitum.  Every day, it’s a flurry of frenetic begging and embittered pouting when I say “No, you may not.” Admittedly, I am not always in denial mode. When I’m feeling generous, I’m willing to let you cum…but only for a price.

The cost: a mouth full of your own spunk!

If you want pleasure, you’re going to pay with humiliation. You get your fun when your balls pump hot, thick cum out of your cock, and I get mine when I laugh at the sound of you slurping up every drop! Cum eating humiliation is a perfect trade off for the pleasure of your orgasm, don’t you think? If you want that orgasm so badly, you’re going to have to endure my laughter as you lick it up like a hungry slut. The recipe for a nasty cum eater is one part horny desperation to one part persuasive suggestion from a Mistress.

Legs over your head, cum slut!

Eating your cum is embarrassing in and of itself, but I prefer to up the ante by making you administer a self-facial. “Pathetic” adequately summarizes what you look like when your legs are over your head and your cock is aimed at your face. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue! You’re going to eat your cum for me. We had a deal, after all.

Are you ready to be a cum eater? Call me!

On Your Knees for Oral Servitude

Marlena11To listen to this post, enjoy my audio here.

No more talking. Your mouth has better uses.

Sometimes, I simply tell a man, “Shut up, and get on your knees!” It’s a succinct directive, and it’s one I dole out often. Pussy worship is one of my favorite pleasures, and I require it often. There’s no better place for a slave than between my toned, smooth thighs, and I expect to see you there frequently.

You’re my pussy worshiping pet.

When I say oral servitude, the emphasis is on the servitude. When you’re down on your knees with your face pressed against the soaked fabric of my red lace thong, you are truly a slave. Your obedience is a requirement, and your endurance will be tested. I won’t tolerate any pauses as you serve my pussy with your attentive tongue.

It’s the ultimate tease and denial.

During an oral servitude session, the focus is on me and my pleasure. Of course, my interest is being an unrelenting cocktease never escapes me, so be sure that I will make it as agonizingly frustrating for  you as possible. My long, shapely legs will be outfitted in my sexiest sheer black fully fashionably nylons, and if you’re doing  your job correctly, they’ll be tightly clamped around your head. A good pussy worshiping slave understands that selflessness is critical to your servitude; when I cum, you’re quickly dismissed. My orgasm is your reward, so don’t tarnish my good impression of you by greedily asking, “May I cum now?”

Are you an oral service slave? Prove it.

Masturbation Games of Chance

You’re always hoping to get lucky…

And today, you might finally have your chance to cum. It’s not often that a merciless cock tease like myself allows my horny strokers to cum, so enjoy my fleeting generosity while it lasts! I recently posted here about using a Magic 8 Ball to determine the outcome of your masturbation session, and since then, I’ve had a chance to experiment with some other masturbation games of chance. You know I love saying “no,” but maybe Lady Luck will be more kind to your cock.

Try some of these hot masturbation games:

  • Coin Flip: After stroking and edging for 20 minutes, you will use an online coin flip website. Heads, you cum. Tails, you’re denied. It’s a 50% chance, but if you want to play a riskier game, let’s see you get heads three times in a row! That’s only a 12.5% probability of cumming!
  • Dice Game: Using a virtual dice, you will toss a 6-sided die to determine how many edges your owe your Mistress. Once you’ve completed those, you will roll again. This time, you must score a number equal or greater than your first roll! These orgasm denial games place the control completely in the hands of fate.
  • Random Number Generator: With no warm up stroking or touching, visit the website of this random number generator. Adjust the minimum to 30 and the maximum to 300. The random number you generate is the number of seconds you have to achieve orgasm! Watch that clock, boys! If you can’t cum in time, your poor cock gets denied again.

Want to play? Call me, and we’ll test your luck!

You Should Be A Full-Time Panty Boy

To listen to this post, enjoy this audio.

I know you love panties…

There’s something irresistible about women’s underwear, isn’t there? As much as you try to stay away, you find yourself drawn to all that is satin, lace, and feminine. And rightly so! Women’s underwear is a tactile adventure in all things silky, smooth, and supple. Why would anyone wear boxer briefs when they could slip into girlishly soft panties? Deep inside, I know you identify as a panty boy. You love shopping for panties, you love showing off your panties, and most of all…

And you love the humiliation.

There are few items as quintessentially feminine as women’s panties. For that reason, they’re staples in my humiliation sessions. It’s stunning how one tiny, silky item can completely raze your manhood and rebuild you as a bitch. They’re quite effective, too; it’s hard to maintain even a modicum of self-respect when your cock and balls are pressing against the stretchy fabric of your most recent lingerie purchase. Panties make one thing perfectly evident: you are not a man.

Get rid of your boy underwear.

So, if you’re not a man, you have no use for men’s underwear. If you’ve only dabbled in the world of women’s panties, I suggest you take the next step. Become a 24/7 panty boy. Throw away every single pair of men’s underwear you own and treat yourself to a girly lingerie shopping trip! When you open your dresser drawer every morning, you’ll see a sea of pink lace and satin staring back at you.

Are you a 24/7 panty boy? If not, are you ready to become one?