CFNM Humiliation Job Interview

Will you pass your CFNM humiliation interview?

I am your CFNM humiliation boss.

The job listing never mentioned CFNM…

When you entered my office, you were stunned by the sight of your would-be boss sitting at her desk. My long legs were crossed and outfitted in a pair of sheer black fully fashioned nylons, and you tried hard not to stare. Nervously, you took your seat, and you reminded yourself that this is just another interview. It started as most interviews do—humdrum questions about your experience and stodgy small talk about the position—and then it got a little more interesting…

Your femdom boss demands CFNM humiliation.

At first, you thought you didn’t understand me correctly. “You heard me,” I snapped. “Strip. Take off your clothes right now.” Your fingers shook as you undid your belt, and your mind raced with equal parts confusion, humiliation, and arousal. “Faster,” I sharply demanded. With every item of clothing you removed, you felt my eyes inspecting you like a piece of meat. Naked and vulnerable, you stood before my desk shakily awaiting your next command.

9 to 5 as a CFNM humiliation slut.

Clearly, the position you thought you were applying for doesn’t exist. Of course, I couldn’t have made a job listing for a humiliation slut. I have to at least pretend to maintain a sense of decency and decorum, after all. The truth is that my all-female office could use some amusement, and you’re it. This full time position consist of you acting as the naked entertainment and CFNM assistant to myself and the other women I employ. Your clothes will be removed the moment you enter the premises, and you’ll be subject to an entire day of humiliation at the mercy of an office full of gorgeous women. You will take the job, won’t you?

Your CFNM humiliation job starts now. Are you ready?

Basic Foot Worship Techniques

I'll put your foot worship skills to the test.

Are you skilled in foot worship?

Foot worship is required.

Worship is defined as reverence given to a divine being, and I don’t believe that’s an overstatement when it comes to my feet. As a Mistress with a distinct taste for foot fetishes, I expect my slaves to be well-versed in the art of foot worship. Everyone starts at the bottom, so consider my feet your qualifying exam to other parts of my body.

Foot worship through pampering and primping…

  • Massage my feet: Giving me a masterful foot massage is an express ticket into my good graces. A proper foot massage should involve more than just haphazard rubbing with dry hands. Obtain and warm a massage oil or lotion, and utilize techniques such as the milking stroke, Indian rub, and pertissage. If you don’t know what those are, study! I’ll put your fingers to the test in our next foot worship session.
  • Lotion my feet: I end each day with a generous application of lotion to my pedicured peds, and I love the feeling of a foot pet‘s slippery hands gliding over my feet. A peppermint cooling lotion is a wonderful choice if you want to smooth my feet with a tingling sensation.
  • Polish my toes: I keep my toe nails meticulously pedicured, so they’re always perfectly painted and chip-free. I love resting my foot on a stool or ottoman and watching my foot slave painstakingly paint each toe like a miniature masterpiece. I will be checking for accuracy, so keep a steady hand and unbroken focus!

What’s your favorite foot worship technique?

Cuckold Humiliation is a Psychological Mindfuck

Cuckold humiliation is the ultimate psychological mindfuck.

Cuckold humiliation is a painful mindfuck.

Your inadequacies fuel your cuckold humiliation.

Cuckold humiliation takes all of those vexing thoughts in the back of your head, and it brings them to the forefront of your mind as full-blown obsessions. You know you have a small penis, but the more you think about your wife getting plowed by a 9″ piece of meat, the more useless your tiny dick feels. As you come to terms with your worthlessness as a sexual partner, you start to feel something new: arousal.

Cuckold humiliation and evolutionary psychology…

Evolutionary psychology suggests that the erotic intensity of cuckoldry can be explained by sexual competitiveness. In the book Sperm Wars, evolutionary biologist Robin Baker posits that men with unfaithful mates feel a sexual urge to compete with the other man. In my experience, when a man sees that he cannot compete with his wife’s extramarital lover, he eroticizes his failure as a of masochistic coping mechanism.

Pleasure through the victimization of cuckold humiliation…

Cuckold humiliation is full of pain, jealousy, inadequacy, and even anger. What makes cuckoldry such a mindfuck is that those emotions mingle and create intense sexual arousal and pleasure. Even if you don’t want to be turned on by the thought of your wife taking a huge cock from behind, you are. And the more you resist it, the more erotic the thought becomes. Cuckold humiliation goes way beyond the bedroom; it affects every part of your mind. That is a true mind fuck.

How does cuckoldry fuck with your mind?

Sissy Faggot James: The Hungriest Cocksucker

Sissy Faggot James claims the title as the best cocksucker.

Are you the best sissy faggot cocksucker? It’s stiff competition.

A sissy faggot with a cocksucking obsession…

As a Mistress with a marked interest in coerced cocksucking, I speak with a lot of cocksluts and cocksucker wannabes. Every sissy faggot thinks he’s the best cocksucker, so I remain dubious until provided with sufficient evidence to corroborate such a bold claim. Sissy Faggot James proudly declared himself the hungriest, most prolific cocksucker I’ve ever spoken with, and as it turns out…that might be true!

There’s never enough cock for a sissy faggot.

On any given evening, Sissy Faggot James can be found trolling the adult book stores, gay clubs, and glory holes of his city for a thick hard cock to service. I’m an experienced Lifestyle Mistress with high standards, so I’m not easily impressed. But I will admit that this sissy’s hunger for cock is truly exceptional. My cocksucker regularly calls me after his dick gobbling rendezvous, and he routinely reports sucking 5 or more cocks!

On a quest to be the best sissy faggot cocksucker ever…

Sissy Faggot James is on a one-track mission: to suck any cock he can. If it were up to him, his hungry mouth would be attached to a thick piece of man meat 24 hours a day. Could James be the most prolific cocksucker out there? I’d say it’s very possible! Of course, nothing inspires good cocksucking like a bit of friendly competition, so if you think you can outdo Sissy Faggot James, you better get to work, sissies!

Are you an even hungrier sissy faggot? Show me.

Cum Eating For Hungry Cum Sluts

Mistress Marlena will be your cum eating coach.

I know you crave cum eating.

I am your cum eating coach.

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Do not forget the cardinal rule of stroking for your Mistress: if you make a mess, you clean it up. Too often, men lose the motivation to eat their cum after an orgasm, so the encouragement of your Mistress is imperative. After all, it’d be a shame to let all of that white, thick cream go to waste. As your cum eating instructor, I’m going to ensure that your mouth is full of creamy jizz!

Let’s play some cum eating games.

Once you’ve become a seasoned cum eating slut, we can really have some fun. Let’s experiment with ways to swallow your cum. You can suck it out of a condom, or you can blow it directly onto your face during a self-facial! If you dabble in food fetish, you can even add your special cream to your favorite dessert treat! Humiliating cum eating games amuse your Mistress, and that’s your goal, isn’t it?

Prove that you’re a cum eating slut.

If you’re an exhibitionist cum eating slut, get on cam and show me how hungry you are for your own spunk. I love watching your tongue lick and lap at the puddle of cum in your palm. After you swallow, I want to see your mouth wide open as you proudly display that you’ve swallowed every last delicious drop. So whet your appetite, cum slut, because you’re about to eat a big load for your Mistress.

Hungry for cum eating? Let’s do it.