Your Mistress Wants A Pedicure Pet

Marlena13My feet are worthy of pampering.

At its foundation, a foot fetish is all about spoiling a woman’s feet with the attention and worship they deserve. I love luxuriating in the adoration of my foot lovers, and I love indulging their kink with my soft, delicate feet. In my experiences, foot slaves are very eager to serve. However, there is a skill that not every foot slave masters: the art of the pedicure.

The full salon experience…

As my pedicure pet, your duties are plentiful: foot baths, massages, cuticle care, skin lotion, and of course…pedicures. If you want to be a first class foot pet, you better quickly get acquainted with bath salts, cuticle sticks, buffing pads, and nail polish! I love my toe nails painted a deep, rich shade of red. You’ll need a steady hand and keen eye for attention because I do not tolerate any mistakes. My toes—peeking out from my peep toe pumps—are the most tantalizing tool in my foot fetish arsenal, so I expect them expertly painted.

Pedicure party with my girlfriends…

If you pass muster, I’ll allow you to demonstrate your appreciation and adoration for my girlfriends’ feet. Imagine a room full of long, toned legs and sexy, smooth feet…all awaiting your service! Women love socializing over pedicures, and a private pedicure party is the perfect venue for a more salacious type of entertainment. After all, you just can’t get a thorough toe sucking at your local salon.

Are you ready to serve as a pedicure pet?

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Orgasm Denial Makes You Beg Desperately

Marlena17There’s nothing like the sound of begging.

I’m eternally amused by the impassioned begging of horny strokers who have been told “No!” It’s a simple word, and I deliver it clearly and concisely. And yet…my chronic masturbators don’t quite understand. “No cumming,” in no uncertain terms, means no cumming. Cockteasing is pleasure and frustration all neatly wrapped up as a mindfuck, and I love reducing men to desperate strokers begging for release.

Frenzied edging makes you more desperate.

When I’m on the phone with an enthusiastically horny hand humper, my first inclination is to exacerbate his horniness. Edging phone sex and orgasm control games take your pleasure to the brink, and then I mercilessly deny you the release for which  your cock so desperately throbs. Each edge makes your aching cock pulse even harder, but you won’t find yourself any closer to orgasm.

How long will I deny you?

Certainly, there are times I allow my pets to cum. However, those instances are few and far between. As a strict, stern Masturbatrix, I tend to be uncharitable with orgasms. In fact, you might find yourself indefinitely denied as I laugh at your labored moans and futile pleas. Cock control is about discipline, obedience, and self-restraint, and I enjoy testing a man’s willpower as I deviously deny him over and over. I want to hear your voice shake as you ask me, “Mistress, may I cum?” and then I want to savor the sound of your crushing disappointment as I laugh, “No!”

How will you beg for me? Call me, and show me.

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Public Humiliation During Your Classroom Spanking

To the front of the class, right now!

Chronic masturbators are hardly as sneaky as they think they are, so you shouldn’t be so surprised that I caught you stroking in the back of the class! I would think you had more self-restraint than this, but the sight of my long legs in my fully fashioned black sheer nylons must have been too much! And don’t waste my time trying to deny it; the bulge in your trousers tells the truth even when you won’t.

Confess what you were doing to everyone.

Stand at the front of the class, and look ahead. If you can manage it, avoid being a horny hand humper for just five minutes and keep your hands at your sides, okay? I want you to look at your classmates and apologize for this pathetic display of uncontrollable stroking. Undisciplined strokers deserve public humiliation, so prepare for yours.

A bare bottom spanking over the teacher’s desk…

Pull down your slacks all the way down to your ankles. No whining, no begging, no crying. If you can’t handle the humiliation of a public spanking, then you shouldn’t have demonstrated such a stunning lack of self-control. Remove your underwear, bend over my desk, and face the class. For your horny indiscretions, you’ve earned yourself 50 swats! The thin, stiff wooden ruler delivers quite the stringent sting, doesn’t it? Naughty boys need to be taught important lessons about proper conduct, and I’m the perfect Headmistress to teach them.

Are you ready for your punishment?

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Sissy Maid Rental Service Role Play

Uniforms on, sissies! I started a new business.

I love creating sissy maids. There’s something so deliciously devious about destroying every last fiber of your masculinity and replacing it with the girlish ridiculousness of flippy petticoats, patent pumps, and feather dusters.  After hearing many of my girl friends frequently tell me, “I wish I had a sissy maid like yours,” I decided to start my very own sissy rental service.

My girl friends have big plans for you…

I want you dressed in your finest and frilliest, and ready to go! My girl friends know you come well reviewed, so don’t disappoint. They’ve been told that you will do whatever they want whenever they want it, so be prepared for a long, humiliating day! You might find yourself hand washing panties all afternoon, or you might end up washing the floor on all fours with your pantied and plugged sissy ass in the air!

You will be punished for bad service.

Pinned to the back of your frock, there will be a small score card. My girl friends will rate you on the daintiness of your appearance, grace of your high heeled walk, thoroughness of your cleaning, and extent of your submission. A passing score will grant you the privilege to be rented again, and failing marks will earn a strict, stern punishment. If you don’t know how to do a proper job, the thuddy pain of my leather spanking paddle will teach you the importance of sissy servitude.

Are you ready for your first assignment? Call me!

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Cuckolds Do Laundry By Hand

Marlena4Everyone has their job.

Female-led cuckold relationships invert traditional gender expectations and place men in the submissive role of domestic servitude. As a cuckold slave, you no longer have access to the sexual privileges of modern manhood. In lieu of sex, respect, or even release, you have a life of humiliation, obedience, and service. Your long list of domestic chores is onerous, and certain tasks are especially humiliating.

Wash my soaked panties by hand…

Every time you see that order on your task list, your stomach churns with embarrassment. What will you find in the hamper this time? Will it be my black lace thong covered in another man’s cum? Will it be my red cheeky panties soaked with my juices after a long, hot night out with my date? My worn, dirty panties are as close as you’ll ever get to my pussy again, so when the humiliation settles, savor this moment.

Each pair tells a story.

It’s hard to stop your mind from running wild when you’re holding a handful of my well-enjoyed, cum-stained delicates. You remember this sapphire blue silk pair, don’t you? You bought it before a hot date, and I never even gave you a chance to see me in them! And what about these red satin briefs? They’re still wet from last night! As you look down at the sticky mess teasing you from my panties, I know your tongue wants a taste of the humiliating cuckold creampie. So have a lick, cuckie; tongue washing my laundry is even better than hand washing it!

Are you ready for your cuckold duties?

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