Medical Fetish: The Cause, Treatment, and Cure for Your Hard Cock

Shall I schedule you for an appointment?

Shall I schedule you for an appointment?

Paging Dr. Marlena, paging Dr. Marlena…

I love deeply immersing myself in a steamy roleplay, and medical fetishes create the perfect setting for a domination scenario involving hot costumes, leather restraints, stainless steel implements, and so much more. For those that aren’t yet aware, medical fetishism refers to sexual interest in objects, practices, situations, and environments of a clinical, medical nature. The topics may range from medical uniforms and intimate examinations to extreme probing, insertions, and restraints. Where ever our medical fetish role play take us, you’ll be my horny patient, and I’ll be the medical practitioner that gives you exactly the medicine you need.

So much can happen in my examination room…

A medical fetish can combine many of your other fetishes as well. If you enjoy Clothed Female, Nude Male scenarios, imagine yourself stripping down in front of me and my assistant nurse as we inspect your body under the bright, glaring medical lights. And if you enjoy bondage and restraints, just think of what it would feel like to have thick, leather cuffs closed on your wrists and ankles as I render you helpless on my cold surgical table. Humiliating you is easy when you’re gagged and bound in my presence, and my examination room has no lack of chilling, clinical implements to prod, tease, and fill your holes with!

Rough and degrading or intimate and sensual…

Our medical fetish role play can take on not only multiple topics, but also various tones. If you enjoy being exposed, humiliated, and abused, I can be the devious, sadistic doctor that uses you as a guinea pig for all of my medical experiments. But if you enjoy the softer side of domination, I can be the guiding, thorough nurse that inspects and teases every single inch of your body before building up to a body-shaking orgasm. However we play, you’ll be in my capable hands as I take your medical fetish to new heights.

So let’s play and see what happens my uniform goes on.

Spring is Here, and It Brought Peep Toes

Goodbye boots, hello strappy sandals…

Snowy winters, despite their inconveniences, have their benefits. After all, who doesn’t love the site of a leggy Goddess strolling down the street in a pair of black leather boots? But winter’s passing brings you foot fetishists and shoe lovers a much-missed delight: springy sandals in all of their strappy, peep toe glory. As the weather continues to warm up, I’ll be excitedly reaching for all the sexy, teasing pumps and sandals that show off my gorgeous feet most.

Spring has sprung, and now I’m sure you will too.

While the vernal equinox might officially mark the start of spring, I like to think the season is ushered in by all of the pretty painted toes that are now proudly being displayed in pairs of gorgeous, tall pumps and sandals everywhere. For the special group of you footboys who are always scanning the ground for 10 delicious treats, this is the time of the year when those perfectly manicured peds have come out to play.

I love a toe-wiggling, toe peeping tease…

One of the things that I enjoy most is catching you foot lovers staring at my soft feet inside of a pair of tall, black strappy sandals. You might think you’re being sly, but I could sense that cock-throbbing, heart-pounding stare from a mile away. And when I catch you staring, I love wiggling my coral-painted toes as your eyes remain fixed on the peep toe opening of my sexy shoes. The look on your face always gives away what you’re thinking: if they look that good, just how good must they taste?

So tell me, what do you love most about those springtime toes?

Stay on Track with Your 2014 Kink Resolutions

Start the new year off right.

Turning over a new year is a perfect time to set goals for new, exciting experiences, habits, and lifestyle changes—and kink is no exception! Making a naughty resolution is an excellent way to deepen your involvement with your fetishes and fantasies, and I think there’s no better way to welcome the new year than with kink on the mind!

Did you make a naughty, kinky, or fetish resolution?

There are so many hot and fulfilling resolutions to make! For the femmes, sissies, and cross dressers out there, perhaps you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to wearing panties under your clothes every day? And chastity pets, maybe you’re on a new schedule, or better yet, going for an entire year of deliciously devious denial? And for the exceptionally ambitious, perhaps you’ve decided that 2014 is the year to take your biggest toy yet? After all, what better way to celebrate 2014 than with 14” inches deep inside of you? If you haven’t made a kink resolution yet, there’s still time!

Let me help keep you accountable!

Sharing with your naughty goals, aspirations, and 2014 desires with your Mistress will help ensure that you achieve them. I can help you create schedules, motivate you with sexy assignments, enjoy sessions that incorporate your new naughty ideas, and more. Whatever your goal is, I will help you meet it; because when a subby makes me a promise, I don’t let them break it!

What is your naughty resolution for 2014?

12 Days of Mistresses: Free Call with Me, Mistress Marlena

Christmas is coming early for you this Wednesday!

Enjoy the holiday season with a free call to an LDW Mistress.

LDW is celebrating the holiday season right, and what better way to do it than with free phone sex calls! As a special gift to all of you strokers, subbies, sissies, and more, LDW is surprising callers with free 10 minute calls every Wednesday morning until Christmas! You got your first hint of it here, and I’m sure you’ve been enjoying the scavenger hunt ever since! 

It’s easy to know if you qualify.

To enjoy a free call with me, you must have done a PAID call with an LDW Mistress in the last six months. It’s as simple as that! All of you have to do is find the Mistress who will be free that Wednesday and give her a call; we’ll only be advertising it on our blogs, so look closely! If you’re reading this, you’ve found this week’s featured Mistress!

This Wednesday, December 4, 2AM-9AM, is the day to talk to me for free!

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice—though I prefer you naughty—you can enjoy 10 free minutes with me. If you’re heading to bed in the early hours, or waking up in the morning, a free phone sex call with me is certain to make the experience much more titillating.

I’ll see you this Wednesday, December 4, 2AM-9AM!

Personal Doormat: Only Serious Foot Fetishists Need Apply

I am always looking for the perfect stepping mat.

Lying face down and waiting obediently, you will be the first thing my feet touch when I walk through the door. You will have the pleasure of feeling my thin, sharp stiletto inflict itself on your back as I step onto my new human doormat, and you will utter “Thank you,” as I grind the sole of my black patent pumps against your flesh.

Your only task: keeping my sexy pumps clean.

When I return from a hot evening out, your job is to greet the bottoms of my patent pumps with your back. I will use you to wipe the soles of my pumps and make them appear pristine again. And if wiping is not enough to adequately return my pumps to their former spotless glory, then my doormat will turn over onto its back and offer another means of cleaning: its mouth. You’ll suck, slurp, and lick until my pumps are immaculate and fitting of the Goddess wearing them.

Can you handle being an object?

When you act as your Mistress’ personal doormat, you are nothing more than a rug on which I can wipe my feet. You become an object—my human furniture. There are certain criteria you must fulfill in order to be a proper doormat. You must be perfectly still, eagerly attendant, and unconditionally devoted to cleaning the dirt from my luscious pumps. The job requires stamina, commitment, and an attention to detail, and this Mistress tolerates nothing less than perfection.

Do you think you can handle the task? If so, apply in the comments below.