All Day Foot Massage for Your Foot Fetish Mistress

Foot worship is a fine art…

I expect all of my footboys to be properly trained in foot worship. I love long, extended foot-worshiping sessions, and I frequently enjoy all day foot sessions! Imagine being my foot massager for an entire day. I’d love to enjoy coffee in my kitchen as you begin my lighting massaging the pads of my red-manicured toes. As I move into my office, you can make yourself comfortable (or uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter) under my desk. All day, you’ll be responsible for kissing, sucking, and massaging my high arched, delicate feet! Think of the view you’ll enjoy all day long as you look up my slender, shapely legs. But don’t get too distracted, footslut! You’ll be graded on your performance.

One type of massage might lead to another…

If you particularly impress this Mistress with your foot-massaging skills, you might inspire a different type of massage. After hours of careful caressing, deep rubbing, and total worship, I’ll likely be feeling quite generous. To reward you for being such an obedient, thoughtful pet, I might decide that you need a generous, stockinged or barefoot footjob. I love watching a foot lover squirm in delight as the tip of my reinforced stockings tickles up and down his shaft, and I especially love seeing the way his precum looks on my sheer, silky stocking. It sounds hot, doesn’t it? Clearly, it’s in your best interest to keep my feet happy, cozy, and pampered!

How do YOU worship a foot?

The Joy of Saying “No”

Denial is the name of the game…

As a Cock Controller, I’m not in the business of permitting to strokers to cum whenever they’d like. If it was up to my chronic masturbators, they’d have orgasms every single time we spoke! That’s why my pets need a strict Masturbatrix like me to teach them moderation, restraint, and the satisfaction of obedience.

Breaking records makes me very happy…

I don’t just like saying no once. I like saying no many times. So many, in fact, that it breaks all previous personal records. If your longest bout of chastity was 30 days, I’m shooting for 31! If your best orgasm denial record is one week, I’m planning on two! Being denied can be intensely difficult, so I consider it a demonstration of your submission when you’re willing to endure such frustration at the request and amusement of your Goddess.

You have to earn a “yes”…

If you want to cum, you’re going to have to earn it. You should already know that an orgasm is a privilege, not a right, so be prepared to demonstrate your worthiness. If you expect to cum after a long denial session, be ready to beg and plead. If you really want to increase your chances of receiving my permission, you’re going to have to impress me. Will you cum on your face? Will you use your large plug? Will you spank our bare ass? So get creative, stroker, or you might just hear “no” again!

What have you done to earn an orgasm?

Seduced Bi: How To Create Cocksuckers

Step 1: The Admission…

The first step to creating a cocksucker is getting him to admit that he’s fantasized about it before, if even just for a moment. It’s a taboo topic that man men publicly shy away from, but as we all know, reality is a lot dirtier and naughtier than we let on. Many men have cocksucking fantasies, but some are too nervous, scared, or overwhelmed to turn them into real life! That’s where your Mistress comes into play. I’ll be your coerced cocksucking coach; I just need to hear you admit, “I think about being a cocksucker!”

Step 2: Practice…

If you truly want to be a cocksucker, you’ll have to know how to open your mouth wide and take a cock deep. There are few things I love more than the sound of a wannabe cocksucker slurping and sucking on a dildo on the phone for me. I love listening to you take that dildo cock as deep as you can, so be prepared to do a LOT of practicing.

Step 3: Field Test…

Once my cocksucker has properly practiced the finer points of throat fucking, cock sucking, and ball licking, he’s ready for the real thing. That what all the practice was for, wasn’t it? All of that fantasizing—all of that dildo swallowing—has led to this moment: your first chance to suck a real cock like a true cocksucker. After all that practice, you’re ready to drop to your knees and open your mouth. You’ve earned that cock, so suck it!

Now tell me, have you thought about becoming a cock sucker?

Female Led Relationships: The What, How, And Why

What is a female led relationship?

Female-led relationships (FLR) are models of relationships in which the woman is the ultimate authority and leader of the relationship. Such relationships are sometimes also called female-led marriages (FLM) and wife-led marriages (WLM). Whether the couple is married or simple dating, one thing remains true: the woman is irrefutably supreme, and the man is devotedly submissive. A proper female led relationship relies on a couple’s shared agreement and interest in female supremacy.

What happens in a female-led relationship?

FLR’s are as different as the couples in them, but in general, a man’s basic duties and responsibilities can be wrapped up into two words: service and submissive. Obsequious service is fundamental to your role as the male in a female-led relationship; you are often given lists of chores and barred from leisure or recreation until they are finished. Meanwhile, your beautiful wife is enjoying all of the advantages of female supremacy. Your dutiful submission can be tested in all kinds of ways, from cuckold sexual arrangements to extended tease and denial. When it comes to sex, like everything else, the woman’s word is supreme.

Female led relationship role plays are very fun!

If you don’t want to live the lifestyle (or you simply haven’t found someone to do it with!), a female-led relationship role play might scratch that itch. Imagine coming home and finding your wife seated on the couch; her stern expression suggests it’s serious, and then you hear those stomach-knotting words: “We need to talk about the state of our relationship.” You aren’t sure what to expect, but as she recites your new rules and expectations, you know one thing is clear…your life will never be the same.


Panties 101: A Lesson for Sissies and Pantyboys

What’s YOUR favorite style of panties?

If you’re a sissy, pantyboy, or simply a lover of feminine underwear, you likely have some opinions about which style is best. Different scenarios and looks call for different panties; sometimes you want to be girly and sweet, and other times you want to be sexy and slutty! The perfect pair of panties is critical to your girly style, and it’s important to buy a pair you love playing in! If you’re new to the world of feminine undergarments and overwhelmed by the variety and options, check out this quick panty overview below:

So many cute, sexy styles to play with!

  • Cheekies: (sometimes also called cheekinis or tanga panties) True to its name, this style of panties shows off your ass while providing fuller coverage in the front and waist portions.
  • Briefs: Considered a classic, briefs are generally cut with a high waist and offer full coverage of the hips and behind. Ruffled satin briefs are a very popular underwear style for sissies who enjoy something extra girly!
  • Bikini: Bikini panties are typically worn at the hips and have narrower sides than briefs. In cases where the sides are only the waistband, such panties are called string bikinis.
  • Thongs: Everyone knows what a sexy thong looks like. They often have a triangle shaped front panel, thin sides, and very sexy, minimal coerage in the back. Not only are they hot to look at, but they’re also very useful for a no-show look under tight clothes.

What kind of panties are you wearing now?