Bondage Play Makes You My Prey

All tied up with nowhere to go…

I love absolutely everything about bondagefrom the light use of wrist cuffs to the excruciating torment of predicament bondage. I truly relish tying up men and watching them struggle for freedom before acquiescing to the tight hold of my ropes. In a bondage scenario, the bottom surrenders himself to my control, experiencing a veritable cocktail of emotions like stress, anticipation, fear, and of course, arousal. That is the very definition of a satisfying sexual scenario to me!

You feel total helplessness and immobility…

In a bondage scenario, the restrained partner manifests their submission through the obvious abdication of their physical control. Many submissives find this type of power exchange to be sexually and emotionally exhilarating. Imagine the rush of lying motionless on my bed as I prepare this evening’s special implements. Nothing incites my more sadistic, insidious side like helpless prey literally trapped in my bed.

Bondage can be simply decorative or truly agonizing.

As a longtime lifestyle player, I’ve had many opportunities to exercise different types of bondage. If you enjoy lighter sensual play, rope bondage has beautiful decorative value; double coin knots, rope corsets, and body harnesses are all examples of the intricate artistic potential of bondage. However, if you crave something more severe, bondage can truly be a tool of excruciating physical misery. I love bondage torment scenarios in which my submissive is purposefully restrained in uncomfortable stress positions, and I enjoy watching them squirm and struggle against their immobility.

What kind of bondage do you enjoy?

Food Fetishes: Time To Go Grocery Shopping!

So, what exactly is food play?

Food play generally refers to sexual arousal toward erotic situations involving food. Food play can include things such as vegetable dildos, lunch meat masturbation, and sensory play with wet, sticky substances. If you’ve never tried it, food play can be incorporated into any type of session, from body worship and coached cum-eating to guided masturbation and humiliation!

Have you tried wet and messy fetishism?

Like food play, wet and messy fetishism (also known as WAM or sploshing) is a way to incorporate food in  your naughty fun. WAM usually involves the application of food substances to the skin. Sploshers enjoy the unique tactile experience of pouring food over their body, and they can practice WAM alone or for an audience. WAM fetishists typically prefer messy, gooey foods, so a sploshing session might include sticky, creamy things like whipped cream, pudding, ice cream, peanut butter, or caramel sauce. Receiving a shopping list from your Mistress can be an exciting exercise in public embarrassment.

A tactile adventure in humiliation…

Food play and sploshing both create unique, sensory experiences. Many kink scenarios can be accompanied by food play or sploshing, whether you’re stroking with some custard or embarrassing yourself with chocolate sauce. If you’re a glutton for mental punishment, imagine the humiliation of pouring slimy food all over yourself as your humiliation Mistress watches. The bigger the mess, the happier the Mistress. If you really want to hear me laugh, come prepared with some creamy, syrupy ingredients!

Feeling curious? What’s on your sploshing shopping list?

Nipple Clamps: Painful Tools of the Trade

I am a sadistic Mistress.

As a stern, strict Mistress, it should be no surprise that I am also quite a sadist. I love inflicting my pronounced sense of sadism on my subs and slaves, and I especially love it when they beg for more. The crack of a whip is a satisfying sound, but it’s even sweeter when it’s followed by the labored wails of squirming pet.

Nipple clamps are a long-time favorite…

Nipple torment is a sexy addition to any type of session, and it’s can be a great introductory taste to the world of erotic pain. Toys for nipple torment can be sourced from your home, made yourself, or purchased in a store. Below, I describe the three main types of nipple clamping mechanisms.

  • Clothespin-style clamps: Clothespin-style nipple clamps are the most straightforward and common type of nipple clamp. As the name suggests, a clothespin style clamp works just like a household clothespin.
  • Clover clamps: Clover clamps are also sometimes called “butterfly clamps.” Clover clamps are known for their ability to inflict increasing tension if pulled. As you increase the pulling tension, the jaws of the clamp close together. This type of clamp can deliver a lot of pain, and as a strict, pain Mistress, that’s exactly what I want.
  • Tweezer clamps: Tweezer clamps work similarly to a pair of traditional tweezers or forceps. Your nipple goes between the two metal ends of the clamp, and then the two halves are closed tighter together with a small ring. Similar to the clover clamps, increasing the tension by moving the ring will make it even more excruciating.

How do you like to hurt your nipples?

No, That Little Thing Is Not A Cock

Do not disrespect the word “cock”…

It’s called small penis humiliation for a reason. If you’re the unfortunate owner of a pindick, save me the trouble of having to correct you when you tell me you have a small cock. You do not have a cock. The word “cock” carries a certain power; it sounds strong and impressive. Even you must admit that neither of those words are applicable to the ingrown hair you hide in your boxers. For a size queen like myself, the word “cock” invokes a very visceral, excited response, so I’d prefer not to muddy that impression with thoughts of  your little niblet.

You need 8″ to have a “cock”.

In my mind, there should be a rule that precludes pindicks from using the word “cock.” Little cocklettes don’t deserve the respect a word like “cock” confers. If you’re woefully packing anything less than 8″, you need a word that properly connotes the disappointment in your pants.  After all, boys don’t get to talk like men, so save the word “cock” for the real men who deserve it.

So, what CAN you call it?

The next time you speak with your humiliation Mistress, find a new way to refer to your trouser runt. The more humiliating, the better. If I have to endure discussing your meager contribution to manhood, I might as well get a good laugh out of it. Every little penis needs a descriptive nick name, so tell me…

What do you call that little thing?

I Adore My Fluffers and Clean Up Boys

Everyone has their place.

As social beings, humans stratify themselves into classes to signify value and status. In my opinion, nowhere is this more evident than in the male hierarchical order where studs rule the roost and cuckold bitches gratefully accept their leftovers. When you’re a low-value male, you can’t expect to fuck gorgeous women. In many cases, you can hardly expect to fuck anyone at all. Fortunately, there’s a use for pathetic betas in every cuckold scenario. The stud supplies cock, and the cuckold’s job is to prepare and clean up.

Fluffers have an important duty.

Some men deserve pussy, and other men (like yourself, of course) simply deserve to feel a thick cock pounding the back of their throats. When I invite my 9″ stud over, I want his cock hard, raging, and ready to go. As my cuckold fluffer, your duty is to make his cock hard and ready to fuck. You’ll never fuck me, but you can enjoy the satisfaction of preparing my bull’s cock for my pleasure.

You can’t forget the clean up…

Every cuckold encounter should end in a hot, sticky cream pie. When it does, the role of clean up belongs to my cream pie eater. In general, I like to deny my cuckolds any opportunity for release, so a hot and fresh cream pie is often their only chance to see cum. As my cuckold cream pie clean up boy, you’re barely more than a glorified cum rag, but I expect you to be grateful for even that privilege. So tell me…

Do you prefer fluffing, cleaning up, or both?