What Makes Your Foot Fetish Mistress Squirm?

How to excite your foot fetish Mistress!

How to excite your foot fetish Mistress!

How do you please a foot fetish Mistress?

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I’m often asked, “Mistress, how can I please you?” Now, as much as I love doling out a directive, I equally appreciate a proactive submissive who anticipates my needs and desires. When it comes to all things foot and shoe related, this foot fetish Mistress has a few tips to drive me absolutely crazy with ped-related pleasure. Keep these in mind, and you’ll have me squirming in foot-related delight in no time.

  • Eagerness: A foot fetish session is nothing without the worship of my submissive, so the fervor of a foot slut is key.
  • Finesse: Feet are delicate, especially when they’re outfitted in a pair of silk fully-fashioned nylons. A subtle, nuanced touch is important, so I appreciate a foot lover who knows his way around the anatomy of a woman’s sexy foot.
  • Rhythm: I start to really enjoy myself when a foot worship session reaches a flowing cadence between rubs, caresses, licks, and kisses, so maintaining a steady, but exciting tempo is importing to keeping me excited.
  • Pressure: I like direct, forceful pressure mixed with light, soft caresses for a sexy coalescence of sensations.

Do you have what it takes to pleasure your foot fetish Mistress?

Another Phone Sex Promotion!

Double the sexy during our Anniversary Month Celebration!

As many of you already know, LDW is celebrating its 13th anniversary this month. And to celebrate, we’re rewarding you with all kinds of sexy promotions.

Double the Sexy phone sex promotion!

This Tuesday, November 17, 2015, double your sexy by speaking to TWO Mistresses for the price of one. Call between 12:01AM EST and 11:59EST, and you can talk to two Mistresses for the price of one for the first 10 minutes of your call!

Make the best of this phone sex promotion!

If you already have two favorite Mistresses, then you know who to call! If you aren’t sure who to speak with, ask your favorite Mistress for her recommendations for playmates. The lovely ladies of Live Help are also happy to help recommend the perfect Mistress for you, so feel free to drop in with a request!

Pick your Mistresses, and celebrate 13 years of LDW with us!

Secret Sissies in the Office: Fashion Tips for Discretion

Some sissies must dress in secret!

Some sissies must dress in secret!

Not all sissies can be out and proud.

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Unfortunately, much of the world hasn’t caught up to kink, so certain proclivities carry greater stigmas than others. While some sissies enjoy the privilege and fun of being 100% out to their family, friends, and even their co-workers, others have to be more careful about revealing their sissy side. However, just because you can’t be a full-blown sissy slut at work doesn’t mean that you can’t be a secret sissy in the office with little hints of femininity that will excite you while going largely unnoticed by those are you. Some of my main recommendations are below, but if you have any tips for being a secret sissy, please share them below in the comments!

Panties under your pants: Of course, this is the gold standard for a secret sissy. Skip the boxers and replace them with the satin and lace of women’s bikini briefs. But be careful not to reveal that ruffled waistband when you bend over!

Pantyhose or a garter belt and stockings under your pants: If the weather warrants long pants where you live, then it’s the perfect time to conceal a silky, sexy pair of sissy pantyhose underneath those lackluster, utilitarian men’s slacks. No one will know, but you’ll feel the gossamer-thin smoothness rub against your legs with every step.

Matte clear nail polish: Traditional clear polish has that telltale shine that might give you away (and some sissies don’t mind that). If you DO mind that, buy a clear nail polish labeled “matte”. It’ll dry down to a matte finish that’s hardly distinguishable from your natural nail, but it’ll still give you that girly sissy oomph in the evening as you’re fussing over yourself.

Silk camisole or half slip: Instead of a white undershirt underneath your button up, try a silk camisole or a half slip. Again, no one will be able to see this except your sissy self, but it’ll make you feel soft and dainty as that fabric grazes your skin all day.

Do you have other tips for secret sissies? Share them here.

Rewind Weekend Promo!

Coming up – Rewind Weekend Promo!!

Mark your calenders, strokers! As a part of LDW’s month-long anniversary celebration, this weekend, calls will be 2.50 per minute or $125 per 1 hour block. Callers will need to give the dispatcher the promo code “Rewind” to get the discount, but dispatchers will have the discretion to inform regular callers about the promo even if the caller doesn’t mention it themselves when they call. Click on the banner below for more details.

And while I am not ordinarily around on the weekend, I will be making special periodic appearances this weekend. If you definitely want to speak with me this weekend, the best way to do so is to schedule an appointment by emailing me. Talk to you soon!

Rewind prices all weekend long!

Rewind prices all weekend long!

Free Phone Sex For All!

Who doesn't love free phone sex?

Who doesn’t love free phone sex?

Celebrate LDW’s anniversary with free phone sex!

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Some of you have been around since the very start, and many of you have joined at various points along the way. In November, we will be celebrating 13 YEARS of LDW sexiness. That’s 13 years of teasing, tormenting, and all-around controlling those cocks. Here’s to 13 more! If that wasn’t a cause for celebration in and of itself, then perhaps the following will make your cock spring to excitement:

You can have 10 minutes of FREE phone sex anytime Monday, November 2.

Headmistress Ally always knows how to celebrate, so to observe 13 years of sexy mischief and madness, you can receive a 10 minutes of free phone sex. Or, if you prefer, you can apply this promotion as a 10-minute discount off of the total length of a longer call.

Your 10 minutes of free phone sex will be available from 12:01AM EST until 11:59PM EST on Monday, November, 2015.

So come celebrate with free phone sex!