The LDW Sissy Pageant 2015

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It’s time for LDW’s Sissy Pageant.

If you love dressing up (or if you love being told to dress up), then put on your finest sissy attire this week. Entries are currently being accepted for LDW’s Sissy Pageant. Sissies love showing off, so this is your chance to primp, mince, and shimmy your way to the crown as LDW’s Sissiest Sissy. Pick out your sexiest, girliest, cutest, and frilliest garb, and get ready to compete for the tiara.

Enter to win one of two Victoria Secret gift certificates for the following categories:

The Sissiest Sissy: winner to be determined by a panel of judges, including LDW HeadMistress Ally herself
The Ms Tara Memorial Award: winner determined by getting the most votes in a poll to be posted on Enchantrix Empire

How to enter the Sissy Pageant:

  • Submit two pictures of yourself to Ms. Catherine at
  • One picture should be day wear.
  • One picture should be evening wear.
  • Submit your entries no later than Saturday, July 18.
  • Entries that include below-the-waist nudity will not be accepted, so keep those clitties wrapped up, ladies!

Join the special Awards Ceremony!

An Awards Ceremony will be held in the chat room and on Cock Radio at 5PM ET on Saturday, July 25. Mark your calendars, girls! Come see who the winners are and chat us Mistresses about all things feminine and glamorous! Girl talk, dress up, and Victoria’s Secret…what more could a sissy ask for? Now, dress to impress, and start snapping those photos!

May the best-dressed sissy win!

I am Mistress of the Week!

Celebrate Mistress of the Week with me!

Celebrate Mistress of the Week with me!

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I am Mistress of the Week for July 6th – July 12th!

Hello everyone! I am Mistress of the Week starting Monday, July 6th through Sunday, July 12th! What does that mean for you? If you’ve been poking around the empire, you already have an idea. If not, read below:

If you call me this week and leave me a review at Rate My Call, you’ll be entered for a chance to win 10 minutes of free phone sex. I will be available for calls from 3PM-1AM Eastern Monday through Friday, and I accept appointments for sessions before or after my general hours. You get to speak with me and you get an opportunity to win free phone sex? That’s a win-win for any stroker.

What excites your Mistress most?

  • Coerced cocksucking
  • Strap on play
  • Sissification/feminization
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Cuckolding
  • Tease and denial & guided masturbation
  • CBT and other forms of pain
  • Role playing

If you have a hot idea for our call, don’t hesitate to contact me! I love pre-session planning, so feel free to email me your ideas for a session, and we’ll make it happen!

Check out the other ways to get a taste of your Mistress:

My Twitter: Follow my Twitter for updates on my availability and most recent blog posts.
My Tumblr: Follow my Tumblr for sexy blogs, hot pictures, and other glimpses into what I enjoy.
The Daily Cock Sucker: Subscribe for my posts about all things related to cocksucking!

I look forward to celebrating Mistress of the Week with you!

French Maid Feminization

Begin your French maid training.

Begin your French maid training.

Every Mistress needs a French maid.

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The concept of French maid feminization is ubiquitous, and for good reason! Reducing a man to little more than a service slut in a pinafore isn’t just useful, it’s also demeaning, humiliating, and deliciously fun for any Mistress who loves emasculating men for their own amusement. I love working away in my home office and listening to the click, click, click of a sissy’s heels hurrying across my wooden floors. There are few things better than the sight of a frilly maid shimmying around my house with a duster in her hand and a plug in her pussy.

A French maid’s duties are endless.

Your main duties are obvious: washing the floors, doing the laundry, preparing dinner, etc. However, what separates a French maid sissy from an ordinary maid is your willingness to complete “other duties as necessary.” Those duties range from receiving humiliating over-the-knee spankings through your black and white ruffled panties all the way to being the center of attention at a sissy strap on party with six of my closest, cruelest girlfriends.

Uniforms on! It’s time to work!

Your French maid feminization begins bright and early with a long list of chores and a pair of heels that won’t be any help. Uniform inspections start at 7:00AM, and I don’t want to see a hair, frill, or ruffle out of place. It’s going to be a long day of hard, humiliating work, and I want a pretty sissy maid to look at.

Will you apply to be my French maid sissy?

The Psychology of Masochism

How do you express your masochism?

How do you express your masochism?

What is masochism, and why does it hurt so good?

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Masochism is generally defined as the receiving of pleasure from acts involving physical pain or psychological humiliation. Simply put, masochism makes the bad feel delectably good. While historical approaches to masochism have been stigmatic, modern psychology has loosened to accept consensual sadomasochism as an enjoyable expression of one’s sexuality.

As for why masochism is so enjoyable, the reasons are highly individualistic. For some, participating in physical or psychological pain can be a therapeutic escape. For others, the surrendering of your mind and body at the hands of a sadist can be a thrill and personal achievement. Whatever your motivation is, your masochistic tendencies are worth indulging.

Exploring your masochistic tendencies…

There is an endless list of ways to delve into your masochistic proclivities. Spanking, caning, flogging, CBT, electro-stimulation, erotic humiliation, and tickle torment are just a few examples of how you can incorporate pain and discomfort into your pleasure.

It’s not uncommon to introspectively wonder why does this turn me on? After all, pleasure at the expense of your pain sounds rather counterintuitive. However, I believe that the psychological underpinnings of many people’s interest in masochism are servitude and submission. If you enjoy pleasing your Mistress, it makes sense that you’d do so in any way you reasonably could, even if it means sacrificing your comfort.

Masochism as the ultimate submission…

As a sadist, I view a man’s masochism as the ultimate submission. To me, he is submitting his mental and physical comfort for my amusement and sexual gratification. As a sadist, it is my ethical responsibility to cause hurt, but no harm. It is a relationship predicated on mutual trust, reciprocal respect, and open, clear communication. And not to forget, it’s fucking sexy.

Why do you enjoy masochism?

Bid to Win My Sexy Stockings!

Stockings straight from a Mistress's wardrobe!

Stockings straight from a Mistress’s wardrobe!

It’s here! LDW’s first stocking auction!

Sissies, leg lovers, and stocking sniffers…it’s time! This is LDW’s first auction, so help make it a success! If you win, you’ll find yourself in possession of a pair of delectably worn sheer black seamed stockings from my personal collection.

Place your bids below!

You can review the rules in my previous post. The process is simple! Comment with your bid, and if you see someone bid more, comment with a higher bid! You do want these stockings, don’t you? Be sure to add your email address when you leave a comment; no one else can see it except me. It will be used to contact to you if you are the lucky winner of my sexy sheer black seamed stockings!

If you win, you get extra goodies!

Since this is our first trial auction, and we all want it to be a success, you get a special bonus. Mistress Vivian was generous enough to sweeten the pot with two unopened pairs of vintage stockings circa late 1970! Use them however you wish! Wear them, sniff them, stroke with them…but most of all, enjoy them!

The auction will end at 11:59PM ET on Saturday, June 13th.

Let the bidding (and stroking) begin!

Edit: 12:01AM June 14 – The auction has ended. Thank you all for playing! If you missed your chance, stay tuned. There might be more naughty things to come! And to the lucky, lucky winner…enjoy!