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Pindicks and Pantyboys: A Match Made in Humiliation Heaven

Listen up, pindicks...

Listen up, pindicks…

Pindicks and pantyboys: the ultimate kink playmates…

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Now, I know that every pantyboy isn’t a pindick, and every pindick isn’t a pantyboy. However, I think every pindick should be a pantyboy. After all, men’s underwear is reserved for men, and a significant criterion of being a man is having a cock. It almost seems like an insult to the garment to wear it over a 4″ nubbin’ better suited for the silk and satin of a pair of women’s panties.

Pindicks deserve all the humiliation they can get.

And that includes having your dresser stripped of every single pair of boxers and briefs and replaced with thongs, cheekies, bikinis, and more. If you don’t have the equipment to be a man, why are you dressing like one? Let the real men have their underwear, and you can join the ranks of women, cross dressers, and sissies at Victoria’s Secret. You might be balking at the idea now, but let me remind you that when it comes to the social hierarchy, little dick losers don’t have a lot room for negotiation…

So slip on your panties, pindicks.

What To Do With A Man In Bondage?

I love a man in bondage.

I love a man in bondage.

What do you do with a man in bondage?

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The answer is extremely simple: whatever I want. I love restraining a man to my bed–especially a man who foolishly thought he was going to get some action that night–and teaching him a lesson in why you shouldn’t make assumptions.

Squirm all you want in bondage.

When your arms are firmly bound over your head and your legs are tied spread eagle, there isn’t much opportunity for escape. In that position, you’re at the mercy of my whims. I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a very mercurial Mistress. If you catch me in a teasing, sensual mood, you should consider yourself lucky if all you endure is a long session of edging, tease and denial, or perhaps even face sitting. However, catch me in a strict, sadistic mood, and you’ll be the unlucky prey that I inflict all manners of torment on. Either way, squirm all you want; I’m confident in my rope skills, so you won’t be going anywhere.

Can you wiggle out of my bedroom bondage? Unlikely.

Naughty, Nice, Who Cares…You Still Get a Spanking!

It's time for your spanking!

It’s time for your spanking!

I love giving an over-the-knee spanking!

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While Santa might waste time sorting boys and girls into those who’ve been “naughty” and “nice,” I say to hell with it! You’ve all been naughty, and you’re all going over my knee for a spanking. It’s simpler this way, and it’s much more fun, don’t you think? So, let’s make your ass a bit more festive as I make it red and white to match the holiday season!

Open handed spanking or some tools?

This time of the year is all about tradition, so I have no problem following the time-honored tradition of an open handed spanking. However, we can switch things up with a strap or paddle. Santa’s been very generous this year (he must have mistakenly put me on his “nice” list), so I have all kinds of new toys to try out. So whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you’re going to find yourself over my knee for a dose of painful pleasure.

Get in position for your spanking.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Has a New Schedule

New schedule for your phone sex Mistress!

New schedule for your phone sex Mistress!

Your phone sex Mistress is staying up late.

Well, a bit later, anyway! Now that the semester is over and I’ve received my new teaching schedule for next semester, I’ve moved my general hours of availability so that I am available later in the evening and night. My new general schedule will be 5PM – 1AM Eastern Monday – Friday! You can always check my Schedule page for updates here. I keep it up-to-date with daily changes, so if you don’t see me online during those hours, take a peek to see if I have taken a day off or I will be on late!

You can still schedule appointments with your phone Mistress.

If you’re an early afternoon caller, or you simply prefer to set up an appointment, you can always do so! Simply email me or message me on Yahoo! Instant Messenger and we’ll sort out the details. I generally prefer 12-24 hours notice, but I can sometimes accommodate requests with shorter notice.

Let’s talk soon, my subs, slaves, and sluts!

Winter Phone Sex Promotions to Keep You Hot

Come enjoy December's phone sex promotions!

Come enjoy December’s phone sex promotions!

As a holiday gift to you: phone sex promotions all December long!

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Ms Ally is saving Santa the trip by making sure that you’ll be naughty this year. For the entire rest of the month, don’t forget that we are rewinding the 1 hour block rate to the previous price of $125. And if you can’t last an hour, no problem. We’re adding a special rate of $75 for 30 minute calls! So give us a call and get on the naughty list. Whatever Santa was planning on bringing you isn’t half as fun as a spanking from Mistress.

It’s easy to be naughty this holiday season.

No promo code needed. This applies to Click to Call calls, Sexy Texting sessions, and two-Mistress calls as well, so take advantage of this hot phone sex promotion to stay naughty! For more details and other LDW news, check out The Daily Cock.

Stay warm this winter with our sexy phone sex promotions!