Small Cocks, Big Laughs

Go big, or go home…

It’s no secret that women love thick, long cocks. Unfortunately, for the woefully under-endowed pindicks out there, that means lots of lonely nights spent masturbating. If you have a cock any small than 6″ (or 8″, for my personal liking), I’m sure you’ve been sent home after revealing your disappointing package. There’s no faster end to a steamy date than to reveal of a sad, small cock.

You’re not a man, so what are you?

With a trouser runt that small, you tarnish the word “man” by applying it to yourself. Instead, try “sissy” on for size when I put you in a pair of girly, silky panties. Making a pantyboy out of you is certainly more fitting than seeing you masquerade in the underwear of a real man. But if “sissy” isn’t your taste, try “cuckold”. If you can’t please me, then you belong at the end of my bed admiring my latest 9″ stud. Your minuscule microdick will throb with humiliation as his meat gives me the pounding I deserve.

Are you tired of the laughs yet?

It must be frustrating to perpetually be the object of women’s ridicule. A man’s penis is synonymous with his manhood, and rightly so; no amount of money or status could possibly compensate for a tiny nub like yours. It goes without saying that you can’t please a woman, so you should endeavor to amuse her. A man like you could never make me moan, but the least you can do is make me laugh. Of course, in this case, I’m not laughing with you, I’m laughing at you.

So tell me, how does it feel when I laugh at your deficiency?

Interrogation Roleplay with a Merciless Interrogator

You have a secret, and I’m going to learn it…

Interrogation scenes offer an opportunity to combine humiliation, bondage, and even pain to create a seductively exciting experience. Imagine returning to consciousness to find yourself stripped naked and bound to a cold, steel table. The telltale clicking of my pumps warns you that your interrogator is close, and your body begins to shake with fear and embarrassment. When you’re a captive in my chamber, you understand that escape is unlikely and mercy is impossible.

I’ll use any means necessary…

I’ll use your greatest vulnerability against you as I endlessly torment you in my chamber. If your sensitive body is especially susceptible to a light touch, I’ll use intense tickle torment until you’re crying and begging for help. For the captives that are more resilient, cock and ball torment serves as a useful tool for extracting the information that I want. The restraints at your wrists and feet prevent you from moving, and you realize that you are completely helpless at the hands of your femdom interrogator.

There’s no one to help you.

If I can’t compel you with those techniques, then I’ll enlist my skills as an expert Cock Controller. You’ll endure hours of edging and denial until I get exactly the information I want. Your balls will ache, and your cock will wildly throb as you beg for mercy and release. I want to know the secrets that you’re hiding, and your only escape from this torment is surrendering a confession.

How much torment can YOU endure before you break?

Fantasy BDSM With Your Lifestyle Mistress

I am a Lifestyle Mistress…

As many of you already know, I am a Lifestyle Mistress of over 13 years. Not only do I work as a professional dominatrix in real life, I also practice BDSM in my day-to-day life. I have real life slaves and sissies, and I love incorporating cuckold elements into my relationships and sex life! It goes without saying that I love talking to other lifestyle players, but today, I want to emphasize how much I also love fantasy BDSM.

The differences between fantasy and lifestyle BDSM:

As the name suggests, lifestyle BDSM includes participation in your role 24/7. In contrast, fantasy BDSM allows players to only temporarily adopt such roles. Some fantasy BDSM players enjoy incorporating assignments from their Mistress into their everyday life, and others prefer to end the roles at the conclusion of a call. There is no right or wrong way to participate; there is only what’s right for you.

A Lifestyle Mistress adds authenticity to your fantasy scenario…

As a strict Mistress, my lifestyle experiences can add vivid, robust detail to our fantasy phone scenarios. I love guiding my phone subs through their BDSM fantasies, and I love helping you explore all of the dark, kinky recesses of your erotic mind! Don’t let the my lifestyle experience intimidate you! It turns me on to enjoy fantasy BDSM with my callers, and I love being a guide into the world of kink for those who want to learn more!

Let’s enjoy fantasy BDSM fun together!

Worship My Ass While I Occupy Myself

Sometimes, I simply want to be worshiped…

When I am reading, writing, or watching a movie, I often crave a little extra stimulation, and that’s when an ass-worshiping slave is especially useful. Not only does it help does it pass the time, body worship also satisfies my desire to see men objectified like pieces of furniture. I love feeling a man’s tongue and lips very carefully worshiping every inch of my round, perfect ass, and there’s no better position to do it in than sitting on his face.

Be my ass-worshiping chair…

My favorite position for ass worship is squatting on a man’s face with my stockinged legs on either side of his head. The sexy view makes his hard cock throb for me, and the position allows me complete control to enjoy hours of face sitting pleasure. Imagine being smothered by my perfect ass while I spend two hours watching a movie, or

And be a well-trained body worshiping slave…

If you are granted the privilege to worship my sexy, round ass, you need to be able to do it well. A proper body worship session relies on my slave’s attentiveness, eagerness, and devotion to my pleasure. I expect each slave to selflessly cater to my every whim and fancy. Do you have the endurance to tongue my sweet spot for hours? Do you have the self-restraint to taste my ass all evening without touching yourself? I’ll put you to the test!

How do you enjoy worshiping a woman’s amazing ass?

Phone Sex is More Than Just Phone Sex

Phone sex can be very intense…

As a real life dominatrix, I’m often asked which one I enjoy more: real time or phone session? I think each one offers something special, but phone sex sessions allow you the unique opportunity to explore your fantasies in a low-risk setting without the boundaries of feasibility or location. On the phone, your wildest fantasies can become the backdrop for our scenario, and we can build an intimate connection from anywhere across the world.

It’s can be much more than just sex…

Speaking with your phone Mistress can include much more than just sexual discussion and fetish-related topics. The relationship between a Mistress and her caller often involves a deeper connection that is built on shared openness, intimate connection, and a willingness to open-mindedly explore all of our hidden thoughts.

Reveal your true self to your phone Mistress…

Not everyone has the pleasure of a real life erotic companion with whom they can share their deepest, darkest fantasies and thoughts. Similarly, some people have to exercise a high degree of discretion in their everyday lives, making it difficult to openly express their true identities. With a phone Mistress, you can discuss your desires and lifestyle with someone who completely understands. Whether I am offering advice to a fledgling crossdresser, discussing confusing feelings with a new lifestyle cuckold, or simply providing companionship on a lonely business trip, I love discussing it all. I love being your Mistress and Domme, but I just as much appreciate being your confidant, advisor, and companion.

Why do YOU enjoy phone sex?