What’s Your Favorite Type of Sexy Hosiery?

Who can resist a woman’s beautiful hosiery?

If you’re a sissy or cross dresser, you love wearing it. If you’re a leg lover or foot fetishist, you love admiring it. Whatever your connection with sexy hosiery is, one thing is very clear: it is scorching hot to look at and even sexier to feel! There’s something undeniably feminine about women’s pantyhose and stockings. I absolutely love the feeling of gently putting on a pair of sheer black fully fashioned nylons up my long, toned legs. I am a long time lover of foot fetish and leg worship, and I love hearing about the type of hosiery that you love most!

There are so many different types!

The options are seemingly endless when it comes to women’s hosiery, and everyone knows that variety is the proverbial spice of life. Women’s hosiery can be roughly split up into three categories:

  • Pantyhose – Also called tights, these are generally sheer and span from a woman’s waist down to her feet.
  • Stockings – Also called hose, these come in sheer and opaque varieties and end at the mid- or upper-thigh.
  • Body stockings – These are one-piece, skin-tight garments that cover the torso, legs, and sometimes the arms.

However, within these categories, there is a huge variety of sexy options for the perfect hosiery-clad legs! Opaque stockings and pantyhose are perfect for sweet, doll-like sissy looks, while fishnets and sheer stockings are perfect sexy accompaniments to a pair of sky high stiletto pumps! My personal favorite, fully fashioned stockings, are classic, retro stockings often known for their sexy back seam and reinforced toe and heel. I love all things hosiery-related, from wearing it to teasing in it to helping my sissies and cross dressers shop for it! Now I want to hear from you…Which is your favorite? Pantyhose or stockings?

What do you love seeing on a leg?

Breaking In A New Strap-on Requires a Strap-on Slut

I love buying new strap-ons to add to my immense collection.

My latest acquisition is quite impressive. I was in the market for a new strap-on, and I purchased a custom made leather harness to accompany my new 10″ veined, thick black dildo. It’s a beautifully feminine leather harness with sexy embellishments like a corsetted back. It might be pretty to look at, but don’t be fooled by its lovely appearance; it still packs every bit of the strict, demanding authority I am known for.  When I’m showing off a new strap on, I love the way my submissives’ eyes widen as they look up at me and see me standing before them in my black, sheer fully-fashioned stockings, tight, waist-cinching corset, and black leather strap-on harness.

Time to put my new toy to the test. Are you up for the challenge?

The best part of buying a new toy is taking it home to play, and that’s precisely what I love most about adding new toys to my naughty chest of implements and delights. I already know it looks good, but now I want to check if it performs well. If I decide that you’re fit to be my newest strap-on tester, you’re going to find yourself down on your knees taking my thick, hard strap-on deep in your mouth. Once I’ve sufficiently tested it that way, it’ll be time for you bend over the bed and begin to beg. I’ll love watching you squirm and writhe as every hole-stretching inch of my black strap on cock penetrates your ass! I’ll know it’s done its job when you’re collapsed breathless, covered in your own cum, and shaking in the afterglow of a strap-on ass pounding!

Will you be my strap on testing slut?

Your Ruined Orgasm is My Amusement and Pleasure

A very special, frustrating form of orgasm control…

If you enjoy having a Masturbatrix control your masturbation and determine your orgasm, you might be curious about ruined orgasms. Ruined orgasms can be a very exciting, devious part of orgasm control. A ruined orgasm occurs when stimulation is discontinued at the exact moment of ejaculation. It can also occur when the flow of semen is intentionally blocked, drastically reducing the amount of pleasure you derive from your orgasm.

There are so many ways to ruin that cherished orgasm…

The most common and popular method of ruining an orgasm is abandoning. An abandoned orgasm refers to bringing the submissive just past the edge and suddenly discontining all stimulation. Ejaculation will still occur, but the orgasm will be sadly unsatisfying without the accompaniment of manual stimulation. A lengthier, more involved method of ruining an orgasm is called bleeding or robbing. In this technique, the submissive is kept on the edge of an orgasm for an extended period of time, causing large amounts of precum to leak and drip from his cock. After many edges and much precum, my submissive has been completely bled dry of semen. So, when his actual orgasm occurs, it is a dry orgasm accompanied by discomfort and even physical pain. It might not sound fair to you, but it definitely sounds fun to me!

But why a ruined orgasm?

As your Masturbatrix, I have the liberty to dictate how you’ll cum and whether you’ll cum at all. Some sessions might end in total, agonizing denial, and others might end in body-shaking, mind-blowing bliss. But for a special few–those who especially inspire my more cruel, insidious side, sessions might end in the disruptive shock of a ruined orgasm. There’s truly nothing like hearing a man’s pleasureful moans and whimpers turn into the intense disappointment of a ruined orgasm. So next time you’re begging for release, be careful. You might receive permission to cum, but it won’t be the way you wanted!

Would you prefer a ruined orgasm to no orgasm at all? Tell me here.


Tying You Up With My Sexy, Soft Stockings

You love the sight of a stockinged woman.

And why wouldn’t you? There’s something innately confident and sexual about a gorgeous woman donning an equally gorgeous pair of fully-fashioned thigh-high stockings. My stocking collection is full of delectably sexy pairs, from sheer, seamed black stockings to gossamer-thin nude stockings that closely encase my long, shapely legs. Whether I’m in a pair of sultry black fishnets or reinforced-toe stockings, I know I have the attention of every stocking fetishist and leg admirer in the room!

Stockings are good for more than just wearing…

I love repurposing my stockings as sexy restraints. It’s irresistibly sexy to see a man tied to my bedposts as he struggles to get free. Imagine feeling my black lace-top stockings tightly wrapped around your wrists, limiting your range of motion as I completely have my way with you. With my sexy, soft stockings keeping you spread eagle on my bed, there’s simply nothing you can do to escape what I have planned.

Don’t bother trying to get free…

I’m quite adept at tying a knot, and I have no intention on letting you go just yet. And don’t bother yelling for help either, as another stocking serves as the perfect gag to keep you quiet. I have you to myself all evening, and I’m in the mood for a long night of merciless cockteasing and torment. With your cock exposed and your hands bound, I can slowly and deliberately tease your throbbing, leaking dick by rubbing my long stockinged legs all over you. It won’t take long until you’re begging for release, but don’t count on it. Sometimes a stockinged cocktease simply wants to hear you beg and plead!

Which pair should I use to tie YOU up?

Sissy Humiliation Audio (Part 2)

In Part 1, I told you about what happens when a panty-stealing sissy rifles through my lingerie drawer. This time, here’s a taste of what unfolds when he gets to work the next day!

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