Humiliation in the Office: The Secretary’s Revenge

A boss like you deserves humiliation.

A boss like you deserves humiliation.

You’ve deserved humiliation for a long time.

Every office has one of you: a quasi-chauvinist always leering at the female employees with lust-filled eyes and a smarmy little grin. In this case, you’re the boss, and there’s little we can do about it. For years, the secretaries, interns, and other female employees have put up with your lecherous stares, but your days of staring down our blouses are over.

Your choice: humiliation or much worse.

After a bit of snooping, I found some rather incriminating information on your computer. I know you’d hate for this information to find its way to the proper authorities, so I’m offering you a generous choice. You can either submit to an entire day of no-holds-barred humiliation at the hands of every woman in the office…or you can find yourself in a mountainous heap of legal trouble. I trust you’ll make the right choice, so I expect to see you stripped down and waiting in the conference room.

Humiliation from every woman in the office…

I can tell that you feel exposed and vulnerable standing naked in front of us all, but don’t think I’m letting you off easy with some simple CFNM humiliation. I brought all kinds of useful toys and implements for the ladies to chose from. What about a spanking from the leggy woman in HR? I can tell she has a lot of pent up frustration from your attempts to glance up her skirt. Or perhaps some CBT from the well-endowed intern whose breasts you mistake for her eyes? I’m sure she’d enjoy reminding you how to respect the women around you. After today, you’ll learn some proper manners.

Ready for your humiliation? You better be.

Cuckold in the Closet

How's the view from my closet, cuckold?

How’s the view from my closet, cuckold?

Putting a cuckold in his place…

I love a cuckold in the closet. Now, let me clarify: I’m not talking about wanna-be cuckolds who haven’t yet revealed their cuckie interests. I mean—quite literally—cuckolds in my closet. As far as my jealous cuckolds are concerned, they’d prefer a front row seat to the hot, sweaty fuckfests I have with my 9″ stud. But as my cuckies have quickly come to realize, you can’t always (or ever) get what you want. It’s fun to tease a cuckold at the end of the bed or the corner of the room, but sometimes I like to take that tease and denial a little bit further.

Keeping my cuckold in the closet…

When my stud is on his way over, I love hiding my cuckold in the closet. Imagine the humiliation of standing in between the sexy dresses and high heel pumps you’ll never get to fuck me in and waiting for my well-hung companion to arrive. A cuckold in the closet is always under strict orders to be unconditionally silent! That means you’ll have to keep your hand off your cock as you watch my date remove the lingerie that you recently purchased for me.

A cuckold doesn’t always get a view.

If you’re lucky, I’ll put you in the closet with the bi-fold shutter doors. Try hard enough, and you might even be able to see some of the action through the little horizontal slots in the door. But if you’re less lucky, you’ll find yourself behind the solid door, reduced to only listening to the sound of his big balls slapping against my ass as he fucks me from behind. I know…it isn’t fair, but nothing’s fair when you’re the cuckold bitch.

So tell me, do you want to be the secret in my closet?

Chronic Masturbator Punished By His Teacher

Were you fantasizing about your teacher undressing, you chronic masturbator?

Were you fantasizing about your teacher undressing, you chronic masturbator?

I don’t permit chronic masturbators in my classroom.

Your lack of self-restraint astounds me. You can’t even control yourself for a few hours, can you? I hate having my lectures interrupted by the telltale shuffling of a horny stroking addict under his desk. I’ve always known you had a bit of a crush on your teacher—after all, it’s hard to keep your eyes off my long stockinged legs and tall pumps—but this is a whole new low, even for you.

My newest class: Dick Disciple for Chronic Masturbators…

What originally started as a Classic Literature class has now turned into Dick Disciple for the Chronic Mastubator. You deserve a thorough lesson in humiliation and cock control. I expect to see a stark change in your behavior, or you’re going to be tutored in extreme orgasm denial. I don’t think that’s an elective you want to sign up for, is it? So, let’s begin…

Stand up and share with the class, stroker.

Oh, don’t act so shocked by my demand. You were brazen enough to jack off under the desk, so don’t pretend like you’ve suddenly developed a sense of modesty. Stand up, stroke your cock, and demonstrate to everyone what a shameless stroker you are. Chronic masturbators deserve public humiliation, so savor the shocked faces of the girls in class staring at your indecency and utter lack of self-control. Keep pumping, hand humper. I know you’ve always wanted to masturbate in class, but perhaps your greatest lesson learned today is that you should be careful what you wish for.

Are you a chronic masturbator? Then call me for your lesson.

Feminization Studies: Hiding Your Bulge

I expect full feminization, so hide that cock!

I expect full feminization, so hide that cock!

Your cock has no place in our feminization training.

The word feminization evokes all kinds of images, from frilly panties to flouncy petticoats. What is DOESN’T include is your cock. I’m a strict coerced feminization Mistress, and I don’t accept half measures. If you’re going to be my dress up doll, you’re going to appear anatomically correct! Panties should lie flat against you, so unless your clittie is already itty bitty, you’re going to have to tuck that cock away!

Feminization tips for concealing your penis:

Gaff: The gaff is ubiquitous in cross dressing, drag, and feminization. A gaff is a type of undergarment specifically designed to hide your genital bulge and smooth and flatten your front for a more feminine look. They can be worn alone, or they can be worn underneath your feminine panties for added control and smoothness. Gaffs are available in many styles, from sexy thongs to full-coverage panties.

Shaper briefs: Also called control panties or slimming panties, shaper briefs are undergarments generally made of tight spandex to conform the body to your desired shape. In addition to providing shaping and slimming effects, their confining fit helps flatten your front. Shaper briefs comes in every style of panties, from high waisted briefs to thongs and boyshorts. If you don’t want the daily hassle or tightness of a gaff, shaper briefs are a perfect everyday solution for your feminine cross dressing needs.

What are your feminization tips and tricks for hiding that bulge?

CBT: Methods of Torment

How much CBT can you endure?

How much CBT can you endure?

CBT brings men to their knees.

As an unabashed sadist, CBT is one of my favorite kinks. I love watching men turn into whimpering, crying pain sluts as their sensitive bits get abused by their cruel Mistress. A CBT session can range from mild to extreme, and there are many ways to make a man squeal. Below, I’ve described just a few of my favorite CBT methods.

There are so many ways to practice CBT.

Busting: Ball busting (“bb” for short) originated in Japan where it was originally called Tamakeri. A ball busting session can include kicking, punching, kneeing, or otherwise hitting a man in the testicles.

Stretching: Ball stretching is a practice that uses a stretching device to apply pressure to the scrotum and gradually pull it downward. Depending on the weight of your stretcher, this activity can range from merely uncomfortably to downright agonizing.

Sensation/Temperature: Sensation and temperature play use hot and cold to tease and torment your cock and balls. Creams and oils such as IcyHot are especially useful, and feeling your cock and balls go from ice cold to burning hot can be an excruciating experience! Chili oil is another option for CBT-enthusiast who want to feel deep heat. Even though these sensations can be incredibly intense, they are not dangerous. These creams and oils do not actually burn or cool the area; instead, they stimulate the nerve endings that cause the body to react as if it were being heated or cooled.

Electro-stimulation: Electro-simulation play includes any number of devices designed to send an electric current through the cock and balls to deliver a shocking zap! There are electro-stimulation toys that can be used on the surface of the skin, and there are even insertables. Popular devices include a TENS, EMS, and Violet Wand.

What’s your favorite method of CBT?