Worship My Ass While I Occupy Myself

Sometimes, I simply want to be worshiped…

When I am reading, writing, or watching a movie, I often crave a little extra stimulation, and that’s when an ass-worshiping slave is especially useful. Not only does it help does it pass the time, body worship also satisfies my desire to see men objectified like pieces of furniture. I love feeling a man’s tongue and lips very carefully worshiping every inch of my round, perfect ass, and there’s no better position to do it in than sitting on his face.

Be my ass-worshiping chair…

My favorite position for ass worship is squatting on a man’s face with my stockinged legs on either side of his head. The sexy view makes his hard cock throb for me, and the position allows me complete control to enjoy hours of face sitting pleasure. Imagine being smothered by my perfect ass while I spend two hours watching a movie, or

And be a well-trained body worshiping slave…

If you are granted the privilege to worship my sexy, round ass, you need to be able to do it well. A proper body worship session relies on my slave’s attentiveness, eagerness, and devotion to my pleasure. I expect each slave to selflessly cater to my every whim and fancy. Do you have the endurance to tongue my sweet spot for hours? Do you have the self-restraint to taste my ass all evening without touching yourself? I’ll put you to the test!

How do you enjoy worshiping a woman’s amazing ass?

Phone Sex is More Than Just Phone Sex

Phone sex can be very intense…

As a real life dominatrix, I’m often asked which one I enjoy more: real time or phone session? I think each one offers something special, but phone sex sessions allow you the unique opportunity to explore your fantasies in a low-risk setting without the boundaries of feasibility or location. On the phone, your wildest fantasies can become the backdrop for our scenario, and we can build an intimate connection from anywhere across the world.

It’s can be much more than just sex…

Speaking with your phone Mistress can include much more than just sexual discussion and fetish-related topics. The relationship between a Mistress and her caller often involves a deeper connection that is built on shared openness, intimate connection, and a willingness to open-mindedly explore all of our hidden thoughts.

Reveal your true self to your phone Mistress…

Not everyone has the pleasure of a real life erotic companion with whom they can share their deepest, darkest fantasies and thoughts. Similarly, some people have to exercise a high degree of discretion in their everyday lives, making it difficult to openly express their true identities. With a phone Mistress, you can discuss your desires and lifestyle with someone who completely understands. Whether I am offering advice to a fledgling crossdresser, discussing confusing feelings with a new lifestyle cuckold, or simply providing companionship on a lonely business trip, I love discussing it all. I love being your Mistress and Domme, but I just as much appreciate being your confidant, advisor, and companion.

Why do YOU enjoy phone sex?

Stroking Addicts Need a Masturbatrix

If you can’t control that cock, I will.

I have always been of the opinion that stroke-happy hand humpers cannot be left unchecked. Cock control is an important aspect of what a femdom does, and I love deviously teasing and denying you in my strict guided masturbation regimens.

I decide how, when, and with what…

The last thing chronic strokers need is carte blanche to play whenever and however they’d like. If I left it up to you, you’d rarely remove your hand from your cock, wouldn’t you? If you’re the type who enjoys completely surrendering to your expert Masturbatrix, you’ll find that I love guiding, instructing, and completely controlling your cock stroking activities, and there are so many ways for me to do it.

  • Phone and text sessions - Interacting in real time on the phone or instant messenger is a great way to try new stroking techniques, practice your endurance, or submit to my merciless tease and denial.
  • Email assignments – Email assignments are the perfect way to maintain contact and receive my instructions over an extended period of time or in situations when discretion is key. I enjoy creating stroking schedules, assigning creative stroking techniques, and providing you with the content you’ll be stroking to. For email assignment pricing, send me an email with a description of what you are looking for.
  • Custom audios – Audios are a great way to enjoy my voice when you cannot call. I love creating guided masturbation and stroking instruction audios, and I think they’re a perfect way to entrance yourself in the guidance of your Masturbatrix. For custom audio pricing, see this page.

What’s your favorite way to receive cock control?

2 Mistress Calls Double Your Pleasure or Pain

Whoever said three’s a crowd never tried a 2 Mistress call.

Adding another Mistress to our phone sex fun can take the fantasy scenario to the next level. If you love humiliation, hearing two women laugh and talk about you might be exactly the ridicule you crave. If you enjoy the more sensual side, worshiping two women’s bodies will keep you very busy! Whatever your fantasy, including another Mistress is the perfect way to satisfy your desire for something new and intense!

Who you pick can shape the session…

Of course, every Mistress has her own individual flair and style. That’s why adding another Mistress for a 2 Mistress call can lead to a hot new direction. Sometimes, variety is key, and adding a Mistress whose personal style differs from mine is an exciting way to get the best of both worlds! A bratty babe can be the perfect younger assistant in a hot domme boss call, or a mature MILF can be the stern principle I take you after you acted up in class. Submitting to two Mistress at once will add extra depth, interest, and sexiness to our scenario! So choose wisely!

Let’s make it happen!

If you have another Mistress mind, simply request us both when you speak with dispatch. Or, if you want to hear my suggestions based on your specific fantasy or scenario, feel free to email me or IM me on Yahoo Instant Messenger to ask for my recommendation. I’m sure that whoever joins us will love teasing and tormenting you just as much as I do.

Ready for twice the fun? Who do you want to join us?

Clean Up The Evidence by Eating Your Cum

You love stroking for me, don’t you?

I know you love watching me smirk as I tell you how hard and fast to pump you hand over you cock. You love hearing my velvety voice telling you to stroke up and down, over and over. I delight in ordering you to stroke for me whenever I demand it. I know it turns you on to be my stroker boy, so keep going. Glide that hand over your cock exactly like I tell you to! Keep going…

We have a big mess on our hands…

All of that pumping led to a huge, body-shaking orgasm, didn’t it? All of that teasing and edging helped build up a big, thick creamy load of cum, and now it’s all over you and your hands. You know we have to keep this our little secret; we simply can’t have anyone finding out that you’re my stroker pet. You wouldn’t want them coming across all of this sticky, gooey evidence, so you’re going to have to clean up.

My solution? Eat your cum.

I know you could wipe it off or take a shower, but there are much more amusing ways to clean the scene. After a hot stroking session for your Mistress, I want to see you swallow every last drop of your own cum! Don’t look so shocked; you know I like to be thorough. I don’t just want you to be my stroker; I want you to be my cum eater too! Now, I want to see your tongue hungrily licking and lapping up every single drop of that cream! And don’t forget to show me your tongue when you’re done.

How did that taste?