Shoe Worship for Shoe Sluts!

I’m an avid shoe collector…

As a lover of all things with a heel, I have a walk-in shoe closet with walls lined with shelves full of sexy footwear. I love them all: pumps, peeptoes, stilettos, platforms, boots and more! I believe that the emphasis on footwear in femdom is a reflection of their importance to femininity. The sexiness of the clicking of a heel is ubiquitous, and women like myself know how to use it to our advantage.

Shoe dangling is an art…

When you’re a shoe collector and a cocktease, things can get quite interesting! I love outfitting my legs in a pair of black sheer fully fashioned stockings and slipping my delicate feet into a pair of black patent leather stiletto heels. It’s a head turning look, and I savor every moment of that attention. I especially love slowly crossing one leg over the other and beginning to swing my foot back and forth like a pendulum. It’s easy to tell who’s a shoe slut when my pump starts swinging, and I love exciting cocks in public!

Men belong at my feet.

My pets belong at my feet for a wealth of reasons, but my footwear makes a convincing case all on its own. I think the power of a woman is amplified by the sexiness and stature of her heels. Admit it, shoe sluts, there’s something irresistible about a woman standing over you with her pump aimed at your face. So, if you truly want to keep your shoe fetish Mistress happy, you better start licking, kissing, and worshiping these heels!

How will you please my feet?

Small Dicks Should Come With a Warning Label

The greatest disappointment…

For a woman, there are few things more disappointing than meeting an attractive, charming man and finding out that his pants, for all intents and purposes, are empty. Women frequently lament over the misfortune of inviting a man back to their place only to find out that he’s packing 5 inches of disappointment. It’s humiliating for the man, and it’s a time waster for the woman. In an ideal world, small dicks would come with a warning label so that no one has to get their hopes up and waste their time.

The responsibility of self-disclosure…

To avoid causing such disappointment, pindick losers should let women know right away. Once the conversation gets steamy, take a moment to admit your shortcoming. Look her in the eyes, and tell her, “I should warn you that I have a very small penis.” If she laughs and leaves (admittedly, the most likely outcome), you’ve saved both of you some time. However, your dicklette might get lucky, and you might meet a woman who enjoys teasing a small cock.

Panties are the best warning label.

If you’re the unfortunate owner of a pint-sized prick, you’ve probably been told you belong in a pair of panties. Panties are indeed useful for small penis humiliation, but they’re also a very effective signifier of what’s inside of them. When the pink lacy waistband of your bikini briefs peeks out from your pants, you don’t have to say a word. The panties do your talking for you, and they’re loudly advertising, “I have a small cock!” So, save us the trouble and warn us before it gets hot.

How do you warn women about your itty bitty thing?

Coerced Feminization With Your Femdom Boss

Can I see you in my office?

The office has been abuzz with rumors of downsizing, and unfortunately, they are all true. Certain positions will be terminated, and yours is one of them. I understand that this job is very important to you, but there is nothing I can do. Effective today, you are fired.

But there’s a different position available.

There’s an opening, if you’re interested. We’re currently looking for a new secretary, and with a few adjustments, you might be perfect for the job. Of course, I’ll have to make some changes to your appearance. After all, the men in the company appreciate having a pretty secretary to look at, so you better quickly learn to walk in a pair of 4″ leather pumps. At this company, the secretary’s main duty is acting as sexy eye candy.

You do want a job, don’t you?

These are your only choices. Either pack your things and leave…or become the feminine, dainty secretary I want. You didn’t hack it as a man, so maybe you’ll be better off as a woman. In the interest of being thorough, I will inspect your outfit every morning. Your skirt will be tight, your heels will be high, and your panties will be lacy. Failure to meet my dress code expectations will be punished with my strap on, so I suggest you go shopping for some new pretty, feminine clothes. This is the start of a whole new life, so forget who you used to be.

Ready to work? Your first day is tomorrow.

You’re Invited: Strap-On Party

Dress code: Optional…

You receive an invitation to one of my legendary strap-on soirées. You feel your face get hot as you read the details. For a long time, I’ve teased you with scintillating stories of gorgeous women, flowing drinks, and leather strap-on harnesses. Your cock always leaked with excitement as I described the ass-pounding madness that occurs when one anal slut is passed between six dominant woman. Now your time as come, and you’re finally invited!

Don’t be late!

You arrive at the door, and the music and laughter inside inform you that the party is already well underway. When I answer the door, your eyes widen as you admire my svelte, feminine figure in a curve-hugging red silk dress. As you step inside, you see a group of women gathered and waiting for you.  Before you even have a proper chance to check each one of them out, you hear, “Strip down!”

Our entertainment tonight is YOU.

Nervously, you strip down while our sexy gazes scan your body up and down. I’m sure it’s quite humiliating to be naked in front of a group of women all looking at you like tonight’s pincushion. You stand in place without permission to touch your cock as you watch each of the party attendants don a huge, monster strap-on. Your mind starts spinning as you confront the reality of getting your ass and mouth fucked over and over again, and finally, you hear my voice say, “Down on your knees, bitch. It’s time for my strap-on slut to get filled from both ends!”

Let’s party, boys. My strap-on cock is waiting…

Why Are You A Cuckold?

Two sides of cuckoldry…

In its simplest incarnation, a cuckold fetish refers to a man’s sexual interest in watching his wife have sex or sexual relations with another man. In general, cuckolds can be split into two groups: those who do it for humiliation and those who don’t. While the world of femdom media largely focuses on the humiliating aspect of being cuckolded, the sensual, voyeuristic element is a strong draw for men entering the kink.

Humiliating inadequacy…

In my experience, the most common motivating factor for entering a cuckold relationship is a man’s inadequacy. Whether it’s a small cock or an inability to successfully use it, many cuckolds get off on the idea of their wife having to compensate for what they lack. This is the most frequently portrayed side of cuckolding, but it’s not always the only one.

Sensual voyeurism…

Some men, frankly, have nothing to feel useless or worthless about. Certain cuckolds have great sex lives, great relationships, and great cocks. Their interest in cuckoldry isn’t fueled by an acknowledgment of their inadequacy; instead, they enjoy the carnal pleasure of watching their girlfriend or wife explore her sexuality to its fullest. Many men, especially those in long-term relationships, get excited about observing their wife engage in all of the exciting, sexy rituals and behaviors of finding and getting to know her new lover.

It can be both!

I don’t assign any importance to labeling yourself or compartmentalizing your desires. Cuckold relationships are complex, and they can be motivated by both or neither of these factors. Part of my fun as a phone sex Mistress is learning about your experiences and motivations for what you do, so tell me…

What’s YOUR reason for being a cuckold?